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prison guards leaving

WoW, what a weekend!

In many ways it was just another weekend, but in others it was awesome. What’s more it’s ended with a dilemma… and we all like a dilemma don’t we?

Where to begin… Maybe the beginning…

8 man OS+1

Ok, that didn’t happen, but we did try! …and try again, and again. We were close, but there was no Cuban cigar.

But, I get ahead of myself… Last time we hit OS, it was with similar intentions, but we were filled out to a 10 man with a couple of PuGs. We took down 2 drakes then failed a few times at the boss. The PuGs then exploded, told us what they thought of us and dropped group.

Of course we went on to finish the boss off after taking his mate down separately.

So this Friday, as we downed the 2nd drake down in preparation for our Boss+1 kill, we got a little unexpected joy (more…)

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Skill Priority mods

My most loyal reader writes in to ask a question:

oh scorchy green-haired one:

I was listening to The Instance podcast last week, and they mentioned an addon that sounded great to me: Watcher. It’s supposed to help you play your class more effectively, and of course, I want to do so. the only problem? This addon has no mage love. I guess there are other addons out there for other caster classes (they mentioned facemelter & others), but I have yet to find one for mages.

Do you know of one that works like this?

The Scorchy Green-haired one responds:

I heard about that on The Instance as well and was a little curious, not curious enough to follow it up until you wrote in mind you, but curious none-the-less.

So I had a look… Looks like an awesome mod, but I don’t think it’s for us (more…)

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