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squidly and dark portal

Something strange is happening with Squidly.

He started out with all the best intentions.

  • Level normally
  • Explore Azeroth
  • Soak up all the quests and instances

But I have just realized that this will never be.

Why so dear Squid?

Well there are lots of factors that mean I am hop, skip and jumping all sorts of content (more…)

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Rhii is going to tell us about how grinding is farming, or is it farming is grinding, depending on your perspective.

This promoted the thought about how much the grind has changed from Vanilla through to WoLK.

One thing that needs to be clearly stated is that WoW has always been, and will probably always will be a game whose foundations are farming grinding.

The quests, raids, PvP, roleplaying etc are just the icing on the cold boring concrete tasting foundation that is farming grinding. (more…)

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I’ve been thinking, maybe I should play more and think less, but I can’t so you are forced to delete my posts from your feedreader instead.

So, I am wondering why Blizzard doesn’t introduce scalability into the game. Sure in some cases this my mean a bit of balancing, but in these days of phasing, I wonder if it isn’t more possible than ever.

There are 3 areas (which pretty much covers everything). Mobs, Quests and Instances. (more…)

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OMFG… It dropped!

OMFG… It dropped!

I am sure you have all had those moments, and I was reminded of of while writing my last kara post.

Like everyone, I have reservations about the RNG, but I must say, when the item finally drops, my body tingles with excitement, my jaw drops, I pull my headphones out of the PC jumping out of my chair in joy.

I feel sorry for that lucky bastard that got the Mongoose enchant on his 1st trip to Kara (ok, maybe not as sorry as I feel for those like me that never see it drop), because that crazy OMFG… it dropped feeling will be at least diluted, if not entirely absent. (more…)

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When is enough, enough?

Gear that is!

WoLK is approaching and our hard earned level 70 epics will soon be worth nothing bu the price of a shard, or small vendor change.

Arguments are erupting across the Blogsphere over “welfare epics”, whether PvE via badges or PvP via honor.

Is it worth running Kara week in week out, hitting every daily heroic to pickup the badges to buy the gear to run the raids that had the gear that isn’t as good as the gear you just bought with your badges? (more…)

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