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Stacking Dailies

  • You can stack consumables
  • You can stack classes
  • You can stack buffs
  • But you can’t stack dailies.

The Log

Sure you can have up to 25 quests in your log and you can do up to 25 dailies in a day, but you can’t stack the same type of daily.

As a casual player (am I allowed to call myself that… I guess not) I don’t get to play every day. I like to pick up the dailies of interest, when I can, but just because they are in my log doesn’t mean I get to complete them, or even start them. (more…)

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I’ve been thinking, maybe I should play more and think less, but I can’t so you are forced to delete my posts from your feedreader instead.

So, I am wondering why Blizzard doesn’t introduce scalability into the game. Sure in some cases this my mean a bit of balancing, but in these days of phasing, I wonder if it isn’t more possible than ever.

There are 3 areas (which pretty much covers everything). Mobs, Quests and Instances. (more…)

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Guide: It Goes to 11…

OK, I admit, this one isn’t hard, but it can be frustrating if you get your targeting wrong.

I enjoyed this quest and it’s lead up. Really though, a 3 foot Gnome using a 15 foot harpoon launching flaming arrows at buildings way across a ravine, then at the drakes that come to stop me. This should be a daily!

Anyway, the only reason I am writing about it at all is when I did this quest I spent 5 minutes blasting the buildings for no effect. So, I thought maybe you had to hit the buildings for a certain amount of damage before they were destroyed.

Not so, it is just about targeting the right spot of each building.

I think this is an Alliance only quest.. so sorry Hordies… (more…)

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Joining the Dots: my love for ? and !

Larisa wrote a fantastic post (as usual) the other day about those ? and ! and how they have shrunk her world, and playing experience.

After reading through it, I found I didn’t agree, I said as much in her comments, but felt I needed to reveal the truth to you all.

You see, those poor ? and ! are sitting targets, easy to see and easy to blame for not experiencing the whole World of Warcraft Experience.  In fact, if anything I have found recently that they are the opposite, not restrictors, rather keys to open the doors of Warcraft.

How can this be? (more…)

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I hate escort quests

While attempting to do Escape from Winterfin caverns, I realized the real reason I hate escort quests.



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More Mage Disguises

SpicyTunas has been bringing us up to speed with a couple of transformations that take your Mage from being 1 in 11,000,000 to something a little different.

We have seen Dwarf Mages and Walrus Mages.

Well I am going to introduce you to two more. (more…)

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A Gnome of loose morals

I might not be an angel after all…


OK, OK, OK.. I was banging on about the horrendous immoral quests in WoLK the other day, but I fear that Euripedes infiltrated my psyche, cause this week I found myself doing all sort of evil deeds… for no better reason that I was helping out my Gnome colleagues. (more…)

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