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Certain Hunter’s, who shall remain nameless, (I can’t remember their names anyway) say there are no good Mage Bogs (or at least there is one good Mage blog & Me – being a Misleading Mage Blog… I’m telling you it’s ME!).

Certain Mage bloggers (like ALL of us) disagree (Well, OK, I am a Misleading Mage blog, but there are more than one good Mage Blog).

One of us is taking action to bring awareness to the great unwashed horde of Hunters, and more importantly the fledgling or expert Mages of our World of Warcraft.

No.. it is not me.  I will not risk losing my Misleading title!

Sensibly this isn’t an attempt to write every Mage guide every written, this is an attempt to build a page or resources to the many excellent, but maybe obscure references to Magedom spread around the Blogsphere.

This is where you come it.

Suggest it:

His list is just off the ground, it’s currently a short, but very sweet collection of resources.  I knew when I threw my eye over it, that there was much more out there – MUCH MORE!

The question is… where?

So if you:

  • Know of an active Mage Blog or resource
  • Know of excellent Mage posts

Drop GamerGaz a line and fill him in (more…)

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  • My Feedreader is consistently at 1,000+ unread posts.
  • My Mage category is consistently at 150+ unread posts
  • My Shaman category is consistently at 90+ unread posts

Dont get me started on the others…

Anyway, this means I do stupid things like hassle harried history students about things that I could probably work out myself, while my feedreader laughs at me because 2 posts away are tons of posts about Fire Mages in General and Fire PvP Specifically.

So apologies up front to Rip if I have dragged him away from his studies.  If you have started, don’t stop.  I haven’t found a source of Fire Mages enchants and gemming wisdom yet…

Meanwhile here are some links.. (more…)

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PPI redirect

A Public Service announcement on behalf of Larisa… I think she’s having a Murloc Monday

I quote:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Technical issues

Posted by Larísa
If you can read this post you’re not the one I’m trying to reach. Does this sound cryptic?

The thing is that it seems as if my old domain address http://pinkpigtailinn.blogspot.com doesn’t work. It used to redirect visitors to www.pinkpigtailinn.com, but not so any longer. I don’t know if this is a temporary issue or a permanent change of things. And no matter what it is – I have no idea what to do about it. So I just want to get out the word: please change your bookmarks and links to PPI to the new domain address, or my voice will be lost in the eternal sea of Internet.

But how could I get in touch with the ones who need to know it and tell them that their virtual pub hasn’t closed, just moved? I have no idea.

Proper posts are incoming later this week. Don’t lose hope!

Cheers from your innkeeper

Gnomer and Out
http://gnomeaggedon.net/2009/06/22/ psa-for-larisa-pink-pigtail-inn /

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You may have noticed that I love drawing your attention to Mage blogs.

Primarily because there seem to be so few, then suddenly out of no where one appears.

The problem I find is that no sooner have I found the one, then I find a little trail leading to another and another and another.

So today I am going to share some Gifts (Blogs brought to my attention) and discoveries (blogs I stumbled across) (more…)

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Dear Fim & Bre,

It is Fim and Bre right?

Not an Orc in Fim’s clothes or a lock in Hunter’s leathers?

Anyway long time ListeNether, 1st time NetherWriter. Thought I would drop you a line.

Sorry I didn’t port in “Gnome”, but while your recording time is a nice casual midday Saturday down here in the depths of Gnomeregan (otherwise known as Melbourne, Australia) you conflict with my primary raid crew – my family.

Unfortunately Gnome Junior would want to do all the talking, and Mrs Gnomeaggedon would be using her epic mace to destroy her end game raid boss – my PC.

So the best you are going to get from me is a message in a Mage’s Nether bottle.

Blah, blah, blah….

Ever noticed now much Gnomes talk, on and on and on and on and ….

I was thinking today, that when I started blogging about 10 months ago, I did so because there were no Mage blogs out there…

None, absolutely none. (more…)

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Don’t Panic He says…

Don’t Panic, He says …

…  well, He said …

… I think the time has come to panic …

The recent news that two of the WoW Blogging community’s favorite bloggers (Gun Loving Dwarf Chick and Resto 4 Life) are hanging up their blogging boots, reminded me that I am missing one of my favorite Mage bloggers.

Just as the Mage battle was heating up last year, he Iceblocked and disappeared!

Gone… without a trace…

Then, out of the blue, comes this cryptic message: (more…)

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Expansion brings out the Fire Mages like a Mage Battle never could…

So I battled away on behalf of all Fire Mages across Azeroth, fighting arguabley a losing battle.

End result:

  • Arcane mages love Arcane
  • Frost Mages love Frost
  • Fire Mages love Fire.

Then the strangest thing happens… Blizzard throws us poor old Fire Mages a rope, while dumping Arcane Mages in a bottomless pit. (more…)

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Clayton’s Post #7

Clayton’s Post #7

A Clayton’s Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

Scratching together stuff I have seen during the week… purely for Larisa’s benefit… why have a feedreader when you have a Gnome?

But… here’s the thing Larisa, this week I have decided to take a different tack, I am going to provide my readers with a collection of worthwhile posts that you have at your fingertips, and most likely on your hard drive.

A tribute post

Yes, rather than trawling the Twisted Nether for a miscellany of posts, I am going to trawl the smoke blackened corners of the Pink Pigtail Inn and highlight those posts (past and present) that drew me to blogs (and blogging) in the first instance, and continue to provide a bar that I struggle daily to reach, let along clear. (more…)

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