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Well I’ll be buggered.

Dara and I have been leveling our closet alts through a mix of activities.

  • Questing – I kill the mobs, she collects the loot (assuming she isn’t too busy skinning).
  • Dungeons – I do the killing while she finds the right corridor to where the rest of the party is.
  • BGs – I head to the graveyard while she stealths on the outside (Hell, she remembered to stealth even found the stealth button, that’s a good start).

We have been leveling in tandem, so we would start each level kind of together, but somehow I will always reach the next level 1st (she calls me a cheater).

It’s not a big issue, I let her catch up… sometimes.

What is an issue though is this funny quirk, I’m going to call it a bug, where if one of us levels up (yes, 50% of the time me), that one gets kicked from the BG (or instance for that matter) queue.

So imagine if you will. (more…)

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  • WoW disconnects
  • Lagaran
  • Freeze frame boss fights

Sound familiar?

  • Uninstall Lagonite!
  • Ignore Lagonite users!

Only a few days ago I was musing that WoW disconnects had gotten smarter. There is no real evidence of this, but a couple of things that the comments highlighted were:

  1. Since 3.2.2 disconnects have become more frequent, and
  2. Thanks to Lethal’s link there are many ways to improve your play experience, including shafting mods with large messaging requirements.

Driving solution to disconnects

My disconnecting stopped once I did a manual update of my net and video drivers (via windows update and vendor website), so that’s a great 1st place to start (more…)

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Stealth Unpatched BGs

Be careful what you wish for,
You may not get what you want

Only a week or so ago, when patch 3.2.2 landed with a thud, it brought a few changes to the battlegrounds.

One of those changes I was uncertain about.

BG patch notes - qty

On the positive side I would always be entering numerically equal battlegrounds.

On the negative side, the price I would pay is having to wait longer for the BG queue to pop (more…)

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Smarter WoW Disconnects?

Login Screen

I’ve been disconnecting from WoW a lot lately.

I’m not sure why, everything else is fine, it’s just WoW. Doesn’t appear to be a latency thing, just one minute I am running along, next I am hearing the roar of the starting screen dragon.

Apparently PewPew has been disconnecting too, just not as nicely as me. Not just him but a large proportion of the WoW population.

Mind you disconnects are nothing new to me, I have a long history of DCs. Most of the time it isn’t at an important moment. Even when I am questing and grinding and DC I generally come back to find a corpse at my feet, not my corpse at someone else’s feet. The only reason it’s a concern now is I am the healer, not the disposable DPS, if I DC during a boss fight (and I have), then it may spell disaster (once it did, another time I reconnected in the nick of time).

Something different

So my long history of DCs has made me notice something different lately (more…)

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un-Conjured Items

Is it just this wee Gnome, or is there a ‘nasty’ bug at the moment that clears your conjured items when leaving instances (including death & Ghost run back)?

From memory this has happened to me in Gruul’s and MgT, maybe others as well, I don’t recall.  It’s not happening in BGs, where I have spent most of the last few weeks.

The problem.

You know, you finally get the group together and enter the instance… Buff up… Conjure a table… Grab your 80 croissants… Knock up your Mana Gems.. Ready to set the Instance on fire… (more…)

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