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Certain Hunter’s, who shall remain nameless, (I can’t remember their names anyway) say there are no good Mage Bogs (or at least there is one good Mage blog & Me – being a Misleading Mage Blog… I’m telling you it’s ME!).

Certain Mage bloggers (like ALL of us) disagree (Well, OK, I am a Misleading Mage blog, but there are more than one good Mage Blog).

One of us is taking action to bring awareness to the great unwashed horde of Hunters, and more importantly the fledgling or expert Mages of our World of Warcraft.

No.. it is not me.  I will not risk losing my Misleading title!

Sensibly this isn’t an attempt to write every Mage guide every written, this is an attempt to build a page or resources to the many excellent, but maybe obscure references to Magedom spread around the Blogsphere.

This is where you come it.

Suggest it:

His list is just off the ground, it’s currently a short, but very sweet collection of resources.  I knew when I threw my eye over it, that there was much more out there – MUCH MORE!

The question is… where?

So if you:

  • Know of an active Mage Blog or resource
  • Know of excellent Mage posts

Drop GamerGaz a line and fill him in (more…)

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I Love CriticalQQ: PvP for Fire Mages!

Rip, thanks for taking the time out from your studies to write such an awesome post!

Wish I could do the same right now, to thank you properly, but at least I can tell people to gogogogo to you, right now!

Dear Mr. Gnomeaggedon, Sir

Gnomer and Out!

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What’s your Mage good at?

What’s your defining skill, why and what are your tips?

I don’t necessarily mean your class defining skill, I mean what one skill that is related to your character do you do the best?

Before you give me the ones that you are worst at as well, leave that for another day… Like tomorrow.

What about Gnomer?

So what’s Gnomeaggedon’s “signature” move, why and how have I made it so?

That’s a hard question you know, and I won’t blame you for balking at providing your own answer. It’s much easier to identify your greatest weakness, rather than your greatest strength.

Poly Sheep Icon Poly Pig Icon Poly Turtle Icon Poly Black Cat Icon Poly Serpent Icon bunny


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Flamestrike spam


Ran a Heroic VH last night (couldn’t sleep, thought I’d do dailies but the call came out from a guild). It all went well, at least I beat the tank on the scoreboard, I even lived through all the fights. I think I understand the encounters well enough now.

Anyway, right at the end, while I was DEing the drops, my Magely Guildy tells me something I did know.

The dots on Flamestrike don’t stack (ok, I knew that bit, or at least assumed) (more…)

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