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I have touched on Battleground (BG) communications before. I would suggest it is hard to find any blogger talking about any BG strat with out mentioning communications.

The same goes with raiding of course, which is the reason Vent is often required.

The same goes with Arenas, silence is deadly.

Even PuG 5 mans benefit from communication. Sure you don’t need it so much these days, but it never hurts.

In an ideal world when you enter a BG you are in a premade using vent. Maybe you have the WoW BG voice option on, so at least you can quickly hear, maybe even respond to peoples observations.

Most BGs aren’t ideal of course. More likely than not you are there solo, playing for the team, but without communication you probably feel like an island.

Who likes to chat?

It might surprise you to know I talk a lot. In RL, in blog posts, in guild chat, trade chat, Vent and even (most importantly for this post) in BGs.


I don’t think most people are like me. I’m not sure why, maybe they are afraid to stick their heads out. Maybe the don’t talk much in RL either.

In BGs I think they are less likely to talk, rather fume in silence at the lack of support, the lack of direction.

So today I’m going to share a proven winning strategy for BGs, one that works in any BG, for anyone, for everyone. It will help to turn a rout into a victory and a victory into domination.

The strategy is.. (more…)

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The Cone of Silence: Party Chat

Vent drives me a little bit insane, or at least it did.

When I was playing with my mates every Friday it was an essential means of communication. Often we would forget to type out the instructions to the couple of pugs that were running with us.

It wasn’t all sunshine and light though. Sure it was a bunch of long term mates (30 odd years for one mate as an example), but the difference between meeting in a pub and meeting over headphones is you can walk away from your annoyance-of-the-moment in the pub.

So it’s been a little while now since we have been together and we rarely get on vent together any more (more…)

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“You have died”… “FLAME WREATH. DON’T MOVE”

Sound familiar, how about:
“You are dead”… “Murmur draws energy from the air”

Z: “You coming?”
H: “Yeah I am right behind you!”
Z: “No your not…”

The common denominator… LAG!
No, this isn’t a QQ post….

I know many people live with Lag, it’s just some people are “blessed” with more than their fair share of it. (more…)

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Gnome Goggles on: Alar BG Helper

OK, Mod time, really a follow on from yesterday’s post.

I am not going to write much, just point you in the right direction.

There is a great mod called AlarBGHelper.  If provides different windows based on the battleground, with 1 click comms. (more…)

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Ok this started off in my mind as a response to a few PvP/BG posts going around about how to win/not loose BG’s, and the primary message coming out was about communications.

So I am going to start this off today with a couple of tips, and finish up tomorrow on a mod that I find useful for knocking out BG warnings etc on the fly (for those times when you already have 9 fingers on the keyboard, and you only have one more to issue the warning).

I guess my fundamental thought is, if you are loosing, and not doing any communication yourself, then for all intents and purposes you are the reason the team is loosing… (more…)

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