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You are dead to me!

Hi I'm Squidly

and you are dead to me!


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This is a challenge to all bloggers, podcasters and readers and listeners of blogs and podcasts.

There have been two exciting developments over the weekend.

Mana Obscura Mage Community Forums

Not one, but TWO new community forums have opened, both dear to my heart.

TotemSpot Shaman Forums


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Demoralizing Shout

Apparently Warriors have a skill called Demoralizing Shout.

I’m not quite sure, because apart from playing a Warrior for maybe one level before realizing I didn’t like it, I’ve never looked very hard at the toolbar.

I don’t ever recall being demoralized by it, but it’s somewhere on their toolbar and I know they use it, I see it in raids just before they charge at a boss.

Mind you, I have never noticed bosses being particularly demoralized either, they just seem to get angry and hit everyone they can reach.

Over the weekend I got to experience what it is like to give a really demoralizing shout.

It quickly occurred to me that I have been on the receiving end of this “demoralizing shout” multiple times in Arenas.

I know how it feels, I practically walk away from the PC when I hear the roar. I have to retrieve my keyboard from the hole in the wall when I hear my mates of vent cry in anguish.. (more…)

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  • I always thought Squidly was loved for his tentacles.
  • I hoped he was loved for his heals
  • I was accepting of being accepted for his DPS.
  • But I’m only loved for my Heroism?

I guess that’s one advantage of playing Gnomeaggedon, there is no real doubt about why he is accepted in a raid.

Sure it might be an Intellect buff (how the raid cried the other day when there was no Mage for Intellect), could be for his table (presented with a smile and a /bow), maybe even because the raid leader has a Gnome fetish.

However I can be reasonably sure that I am loved for my potential DPS (maybe for Spellsteal – but that’s a gift to a Mage and if there is no Mage, you can always purge). This isn’t TBC where Mages have fallen out of favor, replaced by Warlocks, loved only for consumables and buffs, no this is WoLK.

What is it you want from me?

But Squidly, I think Squidly’s heals or DPS are an afterthought (more…)

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  • I was upset when I went to roll a Shaman, that Gnomes weren’t an option.
  • I was upset when Cataclysm was announced that there weren’t any Gnome Shaman (Gnome Priests… Pfffttt!)

It may come as a surprise to you that I like Gnomes.


Well it surprised me. I only rolled one because the Human Mage looked like a dress wearing Chuck Norris.

Then came Christmas… and under the tree (outside Ironforge), was a little present just for ME!

Some people transformed themselves to go for the PvP achievement, I transformed For Gnomeregan! (more…)

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The question was asked on Twisted Nether Blogcast the other day

Where are the Resto Shaman Blogs?

Ok, that wasn’t the question, but for once I was “there” so I am just quoting based on my short term memory.

My immediate response was to reel of a series of blogs that deal to some extent or another with Resto Shaman.

You can find them on my ReadByGnome page as well as listed out below, but still it raised an interesting thought.

  • Priest blogs… Dime a dozen
  • Tree Blogs… Just waiting for the forest fire to thin them out…
  • Pally Blogs… Boring… Well how much can you write about one, maybe two healing spells.
  • Resto Shamanism seems to be one of those areas that suffer as much burnout as altaholics grinding Argent Crusade rep (more…)

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This post is about all the mindless Horde.

No, not the 95% of the furiously keyboard turning opposition, the other 5%…

Their pets.


Hunters and Warlocks, even Mages, love healers. We are easy targets

While their over armored buddies are taking one in the face for their side, they like to try and even the odds.

/tar healer
/send pet

If they are close enough and not yet under pressure from your side, they will also take a few pot shots. Nothing serious you understand, a few dots here, a few dots there (more…)

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I got asked a doozy of a question by Lytha about Resto Shaman PvP specs.

It’s a doozy because I don’t have a simple answer right now, but since when has ignorance ever stopped me posting a “guide”?

Maybe if Jagerbombz was still writing Shaman stuff he could fill us in.  Maybe one of the other Resto bloggers out there will know.  Maybe the answer is in your head.

I sort of figure that there is a bucket load of knowledge out there amongst the 12 million (12,000,000 seems bigger doesn’t it?) WoW players and someone will have a definitive answer.

Meanwhile I am always open to speculation, shooting my damn fool mouth off and near enough is good enough (the kind of thinking that has made our once great nation Australia).

The way I see it there are two different styles of BGs, which could (ie: don’t need to, but could) support two different spec styles. (more…)

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Awesome AV is Awesome

I dare say you already know my opinion on the Alterac Valley battleground.  Just in case you don’t…


OK, sometimes I hate it, generally when we lose, but generally I love it, win or lose.

Last night, wife gone out partying, Odin tucked in bed, Daddy…

Daddy was having an orgy of AV healing ecstasy!

Alliance 3, Horde 1, or was that Horde 3, Alliance 0

  • Some say a fast game is a good game.
  • Others suggest a close game is a good game
  • Others of course think that the only game worth playing is a ROLFSTOMPYOUMFTOOLSINTOTHEGROUND game.

Last night my tally of Alterac Valley games went (more…)

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Arioch asked for it, so here it is…

Moar anger pl0x.

  • You kill things
  • I heal you.
  • I heal you
  • You kill more things
  • We win battleground
  • You leave me to die
  • You get no heals
  • We lose battleground


I have been pure DPS for so long that I hadn’t seen the options screen on a healing mod until a couple of weeks ago.

One of the 1st things that caught my eye was the Blacklist option.

If you want heals you don’t want to be on my black list.

Want to know how to stay off my black list?

Read on… (more…)

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