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It’s the Tank’s Fault!

Nerf 'em!

BBB mentioned this the other day (did I tell you I love BBB? I always save up his posts and gorge myself on them!).

Well OK, he didn’t say it was the Tanks fault… but I’m good at taking a phrase out of context and trying to ram that down your throat. He did basically say that Tanks DPS is currently OP.

They should be TPS machines, not DPS machines.

Let’s face it, no one has to grind dailies in their tank spec any more (well, unless the off spec is heals I guess… Mmmm then a gain that isn’t so bad.. I was doing higher dps than the tank and one DPS in HVH the other night… yeah I was meant to be healing … Sssshhhh!)

Anyway, I believe…

No, I know, that one of the reasons that DPS & damage is so low for some dps toons is that the tanks are insane…

Well their damage output is insane.

No, my 1st statement was probably correct..

Tanks are INSANE!

Go on.. Nerf 'em!


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DPS don’t matter

I don’t care how UBER your DPS is…


Ok, so Gnomeaggedon has been on the wrong end of that statement before.

More than a few times.

But you know what, I know whose fault it is when I’m lying dead on the floor 30 seconds into an encounter.

As much as I would like to blame Mr. Tree’s weak-arsed “One DoT will last Gnomer all night” healing, the reality is I brought the death upon myself.

  • Not the Healer!
  • Not the Tank!
  • Me and only me!

Just cause I can pump it out at times doesn’t mean I should. Yes it’s a shame when the 3rd moon of Venus is aligned with Pluto, the planet of personal transformation, and the libido in the air is just ripe, but if the mother-in-laws of all aggro are also there… (more…)

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Now we’re talking!

I am being appreciated for what I am, who I am… DPS!

Sure it took a Shadow Priest to acknowldge me, but Gnomeaggedon has a lot to say on this subject, so thanks for the invite Cassandri, let me begin.

Whoah there little Gnome! What make you think Cass was talking about you?

Ummm Mage = DPS in it’s purest sense, so of course she is talking about me.

Pffft you think you can heal, but I can’t DPS? Step aside little Gnome before a cloven hoof tattoos your bald spot!

Cassandri brings us up to speed (more…)

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See I am still here!

Karch has been doing a great job answering his readers questions (why don’t I get questions? Oh yeah, I had one about whether you should stay Fire spec back in TBC. Apart from that they are just questions about help getting $millions out of Nigeria)

Anyway he had one the other day about how to fix low DPS, which prompted me to respond asking when do you know if your DPS is too low and does it really matter.

Now admittedly if you are only doing 1,000 DPS and you aren’t doing burning crusade content at level 70, then your DPS is too low.

I have seen on various forums that numbers such as 1,200 – 1,400 is acceptable for starting heroics and 1,400 to 1,600 is acceptable for starting Naxx (more…)

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Forever a Noob

No, this isn’t actually a blog about the blog by the name “Forever a Noob“, however the title and content of this post is definitely inspired by the aforementioned blog’s title.

Get on with it Gnome, you are rambling…. actually delirious is probably a better word.

I was just thinking, while listening to the TwistedNether podcasts, about how I always assume that everyone knows so much more about the game than I do (OK, with the exception of the 9 million people that don’t read or intend to improve upon their abilities beyond the talent selection screen.. assuming they know it is even there).  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say I know it all… in fact, rather the opposite.

It occurs to me that the ones “holding”, or more importantly spreading the knowledge, are also the ones that are able to acknowledge that they have gaps in their knowledge, or… are Forever a noob. (more…)

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Looking for Tool: Mage gear comparison spreadsheet.

I have used a heap of Mage “DPS” tools, some religiously, others I have dabbled with yet found a unusable for some reason or another (not necessarily due to wrong info, or difficult UI, rather because I am using it at work.. and ummm flashing WoW graphics is a give away). So in the end I knocked up a spreadsheet that did what I wanted.. well nearly – it ain’t pretty, and it probably isn’t all that accurate, but it gives me a close enough idea to choose between 2 (or 3 or 4) items to make up a set of gear that I am happy with.

So what I am wondering is, is there anyone out there with the skill and desire to take my concept and clean it up and make it really useful to me… and to anyone else out there that is interested. (more…)

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My Friday kara run…

Friday 4th started like so many others of recent times.  The core of my group online, and scratching ourheads as what to do.  We knew that we were missing one of our regulars, thus we were down to 6 bodies.  Was it worth trying to scratch together 4 puggers?  Were we better off heading our separate ways?  Was the Friday night “fun run” going to be full of the usual dramas and criticisms, that have been hitting us week after pugging week? (more…)

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Just a quickly while my little boy drinks his morning milk in front of the TV.

Have you caught up with spelldamage.com yet?

A site for Mage, Warlock, & Priest theorycrafting, with some nice online tools as well as blog topics.

Anyway, if you want to compare you Mage/Warlock/Priest wth my little Gnome, follow this link (my bits are filled in).

Gnomer and Out!

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