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Cynwise reminded me that Children’s week is coming next week… err tomorrow… for me. Not only that, but has provided an AWESOME guide for veterans and reluctant noobs alike in The School Of Hard Knocks.

Endario suggested I get my rant warmed up. It’s going to be a hell of a week in the Battlegrounds, whether you know them back to front, or only discover the BG interface tomorrow.

I will rant of course. I love to rant. My next achievement will score me the title

Gnomeaggedon the Mad Ranter

I’m also a little /silly.

So when I started thinking about this (and realized that I don’t have the achievement myself – two rants coming up) it occurred to me that having Orphans in the BGs could be a little fun, if we are proactive about it.

What is your 1st reaction when someone gets their Orphan on?

I bet it isn’t…

Ohh yay, noob PvE’rs hunting achievements in my BGs!

It’s more likely to be.. (more…)

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Pit of Saron must be the place to meet the people worth meeting!

I don’t just mean people…

I mean great people!

Yes, more of those that I was just talking about.

So while I appreciate I could be bringing you more entertaining posts, hell, maybe for once an informative post, I’m going to call out some more WoW heroes!

Frank – Aman’Thul

Frank is in the list for one very important reason (two, but I’ll get to that) – he dropped group (more…)

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