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Dara (who you may as Skip from a certain short story comment) writes the following, after much nudging from me, especially as I yet to this day don’t understand how Bear’s post of horror could be an inspiration for someone to join the circus that is LFR.

Here it is…

Some blog’s inspire you more than others, some inspire you to do something the author may not have intended.

After reading I Have Met the Asshat, and it is Dalra I said to myself

Dara, do LFR NOW.

Wasn’t hard, one button clicked and I was in a queue.

I do not enjoy the PVE side of World of Warcraft. I leveled my second toon to 85 purely on BG’s after level 34. (My second maxed toon, I tell you the party is still happening. Ok she is a priest too, but a Horde priest so that makes her different to Daraiste.) My knowledge of BG’s may just go beyond noob level now, you are welcome to join me in a BG to find out and after that I will lure you back with promises of improvement.

I very much doubt Bear’s post was intended to inspire someone who knew nothing of these raids to join, my logic was less than sound I admit.

Here it is:

If someone can play against the raids objectives for even 10 seconds before it was noticed then I might just get away with being there.

Please direct all “girl don’t you know how to use google, wowhead, blogs, your guild, your mates or your basic common sense and learn about such things before you do them” to Gnome, he likes reading.

Pop. OMG.

omg, breathe.

In I went.

Did I know what I was doing? Hell no!

I struggled to keep up with what Deadly Boss Mods was telling me on more than one occasion.

Did I cause the raid to wipe? Not on that day.

I am not sure I have caused any wipes at all (well since I started using LFR), once healing was mentioned but that was by the tank who the rest of the raid though was clueless. I got a whisper that first day that went along the lines of

You should have said if you were new

followed by a quick


I wonder if he noticed me get the achieve later on.

I should mention I went in on full pvp gear.

I had so much fun, I still do LFR.

I have not given up on asking Gnome to join me, one day he may just say yes. I have some nice drops from doing them but I have something much better.

I have another part of WoW that I want to learn about, I go in with friends and get help and have a laugh. I have even recently started doing Arena’s. We won 6 before we lost on the first night. All of this because I saw the potential for getting away with something I would not have tried otherwise.

I guess I should finish this with…

Don’t try this at home, read up , get help or worst case scenario, wing it and grow.

Remember, there is a big difference between a Dalra and our Dara

Gnomer and Out (or as Dara likes to say, BB, BoB & CC… but that’s another story)

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One Wipe Pansies

No, not the pretty flower variety…

I’m pretty sure I have bitched about this before, most likely in a throw away line in a throw away post.

The thing is with my increased playtime, the increased gear availability, overgeared alts, the ROLFSTOMPA heroics and the LFG Naxx10 must have 5,000 GS and ICC achievement mentality that seems to permeate the game right now, it just seems that every time I enter a raid I am surrounded by…

One Wipe Pansies.

What is a One Wipe Pansy?

Maybe the most common example of their occurrence is the best way to answer that question.

Very Overgeared Arseholes!

Err, I mean VoA. 10 or 25, it makes no difference, although the effect is more pronounced in VoA25 (more…)

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I’ve got a GearScore… It’s somewhere between 1 and 5000. I know it was 4554 a week or so ago.

A friend looked me up while he snowman danced with me, otherwise I would have no idea.

I did some Ulduar

Off tangent for a moment, I’ll bring it back on course I promise.

Back a day or so before appearing on TNB, I did a couple of bosses in Ulduar. We only got Flame Leviathan and XT down, wiped on Razorscale and chucked it in. It was a late night, spur of the moment thing so no wucking furries.

Can you heal Ulduar10 hardmode?

I was in LookingForRaid when I got the whisper. I said I doubted it, but if it was normal I’d be ok.

He asked for GearScore and Achievements and I foolishly said yes (more…)

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What’s better…

  • 10 Regulars tackling Naxx?
  • 8 Regulars + 2 PuGs tackling Naxx?
  • 8 Regulars only tackling Naxx?

Crazy Thinking

I had this crazy idea mid-last-week, why lose 1/2 hour to 1 hour LF2M Normal Naxx, when the 8 of us could just give it a go by ourselves. Let’s face it, more often than not, 2 people go down in the 1st 15 seconds of any fight, so what’s going to be the difference…

Hey, there’s even an achievement for it, The Dedicated Few. (more…)

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Vael 03

Last week was Old World night and it was pretty much a flip of the coin… AQ40 or Black Wing Lair (BWL).  Thanks to Prelimar, we knew it wasn’t going to be a cake walk, so really it just came down to which we thought we could do before 1am when one of our Tanks had to log.  We chose BWL because one of our crew had done it the hard way, uphill both ways in the snow back at level 60… so someone knew which corner to turn and when (more…)

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FailFest Friday

Urrrghhh…. Friday /fail

It was our Non-Naxx, Non-Old World night…

The night that we take on VoA, OS and a little bit of Naxx (OK, so I lied about it being a non-Naxx night… but what else can we do?)

I put in a special request with my mates that we take on CoT Culling of Stratholme, for purely selfish reasons.  I couldn’t bare the thought that a fellow blogger might have a Bronze Drake while I didn’t.  Can’t have a Troll one-upping a Gnome now can we? They agreed, but it was going to be tight, so I made sure I was on early, ready and waiting…

Cookery Failery

Waiting… yeah, what to do while waiting… Cooking Achievements!

I had placed some pre-orders at the AH, so I grabbed nearly everything I would need from the mailbox, and got to it…

Captain Rumsey

I had been gloating to Prelimar about how I had the recipe, so it was 1st cab off the rank. (more…)

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Two Buddies finally catch up

2 Gnomes

Onyxia was our objective (more…)

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So a week ago I embarked on the long, long daily quest grind to get Exalted with the Sons of Hodir.

There was only one reason for doing so, and it had nothing to do with the reported excellent quest line, daily gold gains, or even the quiet chuckle at the innuendo that surrounds the Sons of Hodir… Thrusting Hodir’s spear… seriously…

Greater Inscription of the Storm

No, it was all about one thing, and one thing only, increasing my performance.

I am not a big fan of dailies.  I am still not exalted at Sunwell, even though every man and their 2nd Alt is.  Argent Tournament is one of those things to kill time.  The idea of doing 40 days worth of dailies, probably 1 or 2 a week, just sent shivers down my spine.  I had heard that you can “glitch” the quest line (more…)

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Reader mail:

Dear Ambassador Gnomeaggedon of Gnomeregan, Master of the meters, Carpeter of raid floors and all round good Gnome.

Long time reader, never a commenter with a question.

My ragtag bunch of almost a 10 man raid have decided to declare one Friday a month as Old World night.

There are only 7 of us, but we can usually pick up a few more to clear Naxx10, so I think we can grab a few more if required.

In our bunch of stormtroopers we have.

  • Me: DPS meter champion rogue, top them all, no matter how many slackers are in the party (4,9,24). I can and will log and bring on my healy Priest which is pretty competent as well.
  • Mr. Offspec: You may have heard of him earlier today. 2nd best DPS as shaman, can heal in a pinch. Also rolls with Druid, well geared for all specs.
  • UberGnome: he gets by OK, only tops meters if he takes me or the Shaman out 1st, but looks good naked, especially with his 3 mirror images. Great green beard btw (more…)

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We failed to clear the Arachnid Quarter in the required 20 minutes last week, but only by a bee’s private part (or maybe that’s a spider’s private part under the circumstances).

It was close, and maybe if we had been just a little bit more settled, or maybe all of us on Vent, we would have done it.

What really struck me though, was the way that knowing there was a timer and an achievement at the end of that same timer, really gelled the raid into fast action (more…)

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