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Is All Fair in Love and War?

There I was just mucking about when Zwingli sends me a tweet.

A tweet that became this post with the assistance of Cynwise & Snack_Road.

I once saw Twitter referred to as a river. If you get to the river bank at the right time, you get to see the swans floating by. Get there at the wrong time and it’s nothing but debris floating by.

So, I have captured that moment in time, pasted it here for you to enjoy.. (more…)

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Holy Dogdoddles Batman.

I was tired of having my arse handed to me on a plate over the last week in Battlegrounds…

Did you know you can purchase nearly all of the Wrathful PvP gear with honor alone?

Any gear that requires 1800 or less less than 2,000 rating can now be purchased with honor, no rating required (more…)

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Dear Mr. Euripedes, Sir

I know you don’t have much time to reply to emails, so I thought I’d sucker… errr fool you into leaving a post length comment like I did with Typhoon Andrew the other day.


I’m a Fire Mage, I think it’s in my blood.

From the moment I got my 1st fireball and accidentally oneshot the 1st quest giver I knew.

It felt so good I rushed on and levelled my Fire Mage from 1 to 80 in 4 years.

I discovered some time back you are a closet Fire Mage, deceived into the wayward paths of Frost and Arcane (more…)

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I bet that post title gets a few GoogledGnome hits…

Hell, I bet my Australian readers wont be able to view this post!

Wont be long before I’m not even allowed to write it…

Anyway, let me put your mind at ease.

This isn’t about that kind of Cross-Dressing (although admit it, who doesn’t like a nice floral summer frock?)

This is about Cross Dressing in WoW!

You with me yet?

Gnomeaggedon has been a cross-dresser from the day he was rolled… (more…)

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Make it all BoA

All of it!

  • The T10 tokens.
  • The Arena season gear
  • The mounts, all of it!

Let’s not kill the players with more grinding. Let’s make all the loot useful to someone.

I know, Ninja time…

At least make the emblem gear all BoA. You main has a hundred emblems rotting in the bank? Buy your alts some new threads. (more…)

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Min/Maxing Gear Before 80 Part 3

Wowhead got you most of the way.

Rawr is now making the beat out of your bad gear situation, so what else is important?

Tell Me More… What’s Next?

So now you have optimized what you already posses, the time has come to see what you could aim for.

Back to the optimization window (Tools – Optimize), but this time press the button bottom right – Build Upgrade List.

This may take a while… It takes about 30 seconds for Squidly’s Resto gear and about 5 minutes for Squidly’s Elemental gear, of course my new PC will probably do that all a lot faster than my 4 year old one.

I Can Haz That?


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Min/Maxing gear before 80 part 2

  • Not yet 80 but want to feel like one of the big boys?
  • Your Casual/Hardcore and want to know what to get when with your limited time so you can be hardcore?
  • Bored at work and feel like researching the best.
  • Want to get the head start on the gear, not throw away the level 73 quest rewards that won’t get replaced until you clear Ulduar?

Then this post, part 2 of my series on Min/Maxing your pre-80 character may fill in the gaps.

In part 1 I discussed using Wowhead’s profile and find an upgrade tools to get you from 1-70, well they will get you further and will sometimes reveal items that other tools, such as Rawr, won’t reveal. So don’t stop using it even though there is a new tool in your arsenal (more…)

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Min/Maxing gear before 80 part 1

If you are reading WoW blogs you are probably trying to squeeze the last drop of DPS/Heals/Threat etc out of your gear.

You possibly use Rawr or the plethora of gear advisory websites. You may even read Elitist Jerks religiously.

If you are 80!

If you are yet 80.

If you are somewhere between 1-79 you are probably feeling a little neglected.

Be Neglected No More!

I’m going to tell you how to min/max your pre-level cap character!

Min/Max =/= Min/Max

Most importantly, the further you are from 80, the less the traditional Min/Max definition applies.

Traditional: Minimizing less important/irrelevant stats, while maximizing the important ones, the ones that will give you the last dps/hps/tps.

Gnomeaggedon’s definition of pre-level cap Min/Maxing:

Expending the minimum amount of effort/gold to achieve the maximum gear result (more…)

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It’s BOE – but I NEED it!

Wot for?

Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned, but when an item drops that is an upgrade, a big upgrade, that is immediately wearable, it’s not greed, it’s NEED.

Maybe I have been spoilt over the last 4.5 years grouping with a bunch of long term friends, or worst case with guild mates.

Maybe the game has changed from NEED, GREED and PASS. I know this is true. I have never greeded so many BoPs as I have in the last few months with Squidly (more…)

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A Flying Mount is a Cheat Code

Squidly flying

Getting a flying mount at 60 is like getting a cheat code.

Stretch your mind back before patch 3.2, back to your incursions in Outland.

Hellfire Frogger

If you were lucky if you arrived in Outland with an Epic land mount. If you weren’t so lucky, one of the most efficient ways of crossing a zone was ghost running.

Even with the epic land mount it was preparation for Naxx’s Frogger.

Dodge left, dodge right, outrun the aggro.

Exploring a zone completely at the appropriate level either required anal explorer skill at Artisan rank, or maybe a quest-completionist-dysfunction (more…)

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