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Oh Lordy, it looks like my attempt at being THE Misleading Mage is being misled by other Mages wanting to prove their power.

Of course those damn hunters may have been wrong… maybe there aren’t just 2 Mage blogs with one being misleading… maybe there are many more but lots of us are misleading.

No wonder I only rate 23rd on this months Misleading Mage charts!

So, rather than what was planned, I present to you the master of the misleading, Rivs of A High Latency Life, with:

Misleading Mage posts:

Importance of Looking Good.

I came to realize there are many challenges that face classes today, for example,  Hunters it’s figuring out how to name their pet. It has to be hard otherwise why would there be so many pets named “Spider” or “Cat”.  The Mage class is no different, and with so many new races able to become mages, I thought I would share. If your a newly minted mage, or an old timer who seen ICC more then the back of your mouse hand, we have one major obstacle, or challenge if you will.. We need to look good, and being a Mage of the Finest Caliber I am here to help with a few things you could do to help make yourself look good (more…)

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In my attempt to assure you that I am the Misleading Mage Blogger (thus preventing others from suffering such an unjust accusation), I present to you a Misleading Mage post.

Better yet, its a guest post from my all time favorite MAGE Blogger.  Yes contrary to popular belief, she is not just a Mage that blogs, but is truly a Mage Blogger and so I present exhibit A:

Misleading Mage posts:

Agility and Attack Power – the essentials of a mage

A little while I got a request from an upcoming blogger who wanted me to write a guest post. It should be about what five elementals I thought would constitute a good overall Mage.

“Are you serious?” was my first reaction. Sure, I’ve been playing my beloved Mage for three years straight, but until this day I’ve hardly written anything about the Mage class that you could describe as even remotely useful.

However – when I was done coming up with all those excuses I thought: “what the heck, how bad could it be”? And I decided to approach the topic from a slightly different angle.

As it turned out, the blog that this post was intended for never took of. So I came up with this cunning plan, to dump it on my neighbor blogger, Gnomeaggedon.

Since his blog is already full of misleading information, I thought that this post might fit in as well.

And with this introduction, ladies and gentlemen, I will now present you five stats that I think are essential to anyone planning to play a Mage. Maybe not the ones you think of at first (more…)

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Here I am!

I’m the misleading Mage..

I mean it has to be me, right?

There are only two Mage bloggers and one of them give misleading information.

Well, I don’t give accurate theorycrafting mumbo-jumbo that is more appropriate in an engineering manual.

Which poses a dilemma… if I am the misleading Mage, who is the one with the good information?

It could have been Euripedes… NO NOT THAT euripides, OUR Euripedes… the good one, the cool one, the one we are crying about losing but excited about his fiction blog.

It could be one of the other 69 (/snicker) Mages on my Mage blog roll… more maybe the other dozen that I have been too busy to add.

It could have been Larisa.. after all, she is a respected blogger… she’s a blogging Mage, if not a Mage Blogger… well she is that, was that, her earlier posts go very close to theorycraft, but really, like all Mages she has grown beyond the numbers, the rotations, the…

you’re a noob if you don’t do x

She is not just intelligent, she is sophisticated.

Alright.. she’s HAWT! (but maybe only a Gnome can appreciate that!)

More to the point, maybe only Mages can appreciate that.. you see there are some very important differences between Hunters and Mages and this is very apparent in the bloggers that write about them

We is Smart, they is dumb!

Well, of course intelligence is relative.. (more…)

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