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You hate WoW Fishing?

I hate WoW Fishing!

You love WoW Fish Feasts!

I love WoW Fish Feasts!


There… I said it.

Oh, here’s a surprise, I have more to say…

I remember back when I was looking up the Seafood Magnifique Feast recipe, I thought to myself

Not much different from a Fish feast… I made tons of those. Not really for my use of course, rather for anyone in BGs or Raid groups I was in.

I fished, therefore I fed.

So… where do I need to buy the recipe from.. (more…)

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PvP food anyone?

PvP food anyone?

Tired of cooking up mammoths and rhinos? Can’t stand fishing for crawdads, or fishing at all for that matter?

Ever wanted food with PvP buffs that could only be used in PvP?

Ever wanted food where the mats can be ground while PvPing?

I suggest a means of making PKs (player kills) useful, adding a few new cooking recipes (and full buffs) and adding a few more achievements. (more…)

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