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It’s Optional

We know RealID is here to stay, both ingame and in the future in relation to additional optional features.

I need to point out that I don’t mind the concept of AnID, I’m just not all that keen on RealID, still, in it’s current form.

This comes from the “optional” part of RealID.

  • It’s an option to use it or not.
  • It’s an option to apply parental controls to your (maybe adult) account, or not.

Which really comes down to:

a). use it, or

b). not.

Currently I choose option b) (more…)

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An idea for a new, daily, world event

I’m still boiling over with anger, I can’t believe how angry I am, but turning that anger towards a productive use…

Does anyone know what the punishment is for buying gold in WoW?

I’d be surprised (but happy) if it was a lifetime ban, I expect it would be more like a 72 hour ban.

Many people probably wouldn’t care.

Most of those would be able to pass it off to mates as taking a few days off, or worst case claiming the got down for exploiting the economy 😉

Daily in-game event

So how about we make sure that everyone knows? (more…)

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