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After all the Mage tears I shed over the lack of Brewfest mounts I have finally had a 3 year dream come true.

Yeah, I know for many of you the Hallows End event hasn’t even begun.

But for me… it’s kinda all over (more…)

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Simple Courtesy

Dinner Delimma

Let’s say you have arranged to meet a group of mates for dinner. Just for fun, your friends gave you the date & time in a different time zone… use for your amusement. They are a loyal bunch and unlikely to order before you arrive.

They are all modern, connected, tech savvy people, with multiple means of communication. Mobile phones, Twitter, facebook. You even have the phone number for the restuarant.

1/2 an hour before dinner you realise you aren’t going to make it on time, you might be 1/2 an hour late. You aren’t sure yet though.

What do you do?

The prearranged time for dinner has arrived and you realise you still haven’t made it out the door, you are going to be at least an hour late.

What do you do?


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Midfield is NOT an objective!

Once again Gnomeaggedon proves Gnomes can't Art!

There are many objectives in a battleground. In fact there are several objectives for running an battleground in and of itself.

Objectives of running a BG:

  • Honor: Honor = gear, gems and other stuff.
  • Arena Points: the 1st random BG each day award you arena points. You need Arena Points to get some of the better PvP gear.
  • To Learn: you learn to kill effectively, you learn situational awareness, you learn how to hate the enemy, you learn so you can:
  • Have fun: the better you get and your team mates perform, the more fun you have. Some of the best BGs I have been in were losses… I told you about one a while back.

Objectives when running a Battleground:

  • Capping Towers & Bunkers
  • Recapping Towers and Bunkers
  • Capping Graveyards
  • Capping Resources
  • Killing bosses
  • Blowing gates
  • Destroying demolishers
  • Disarming bombs
  • Touching relics
  • Capping workshops
  • Destroying Towers
  • Running and Capping Flags
  • Protecting your flag carrier
  • Stopping enemy flag carriers and returning flags
  • Protecting your healers
  • Killing or CCing their healers
  • Winning the Battleground

I could go on, but now is the time to make one thing very, very clear…

Midfield is NOT an objective!

It is just a means to an end.

  • Field of strife – not an objective
  • Roads – not an objective
  • Graveyard farming – not an objective
  • Farming WSG midfield – NOT AN OBJECTIVE!

More Honor for doing right than taking (and losing) needless lives


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One Wipe Pansies

No, not the pretty flower variety…

I’m pretty sure I have bitched about this before, most likely in a throw away line in a throw away post.

The thing is with my increased playtime, the increased gear availability, overgeared alts, the ROLFSTOMPA heroics and the LFG Naxx10 must have 5,000 GS and ICC achievement mentality that seems to permeate the game right now, it just seems that every time I enter a raid I am surrounded by…

One Wipe Pansies.

What is a One Wipe Pansy?

Maybe the most common example of their occurrence is the best way to answer that question.

Very Overgeared Arseholes!

Err, I mean VoA. 10 or 25, it makes no difference, although the effect is more pronounced in VoA25 (more…)

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Am I in ur guild bank looting ur purplez?

Wait...what do you mean I don't have access?

Let's see, Saronite, check....Thorium Bars, check check check

So..who is that handsome little guy?

Why, you’ve seen him before…only he was crowded by the Gnome mage and that other gnome…girl.

Does my hair look good?

But wait…that is not the only gnome invading.. (more…)

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OK, let me start on the bright side…

Arioch (bless her soul) brought this little number to my attention in the comments of Magic Strudel’s post (why did you roll a Mage?). I wonder if Megan can top a pro like Nyhm?

There was a video ^^ there if it is blocked by the blog nazis… worth a look… trust me!

OK, so down to business…

Like he said, but different

Krizzlybear makes an excellent case for the new LFG… no, not over thereOver here!

But.. I think that the New LFG is NGE! (more…)

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Solo class instances

Instance Portal

Everyone likes to solo an instance.

Some of us like to plough through a low level instance purely for the joy of decorating the floor with corpses, one-shotting Van Cleef or racing to the end of an instance in 10 minutes that used to take hours.

Others like the challenge of taking on an instance that requires more toons. Maybe a full party, maybe 3-4 toons. It’s the challenge that makes it worthwhile.

The reality of these runs is the only reward (apart from low level enchanting mats) is the joy of knowing you can do it… Not a small reward admittedly.

What if Blizzard introduced some instances that were intended to be completed solo? (more…)

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Skill Priority mods

My most loyal reader writes in to ask a question:

oh scorchy green-haired one:

I was listening to The Instance podcast last week, and they mentioned an addon that sounded great to me: Watcher. It’s supposed to help you play your class more effectively, and of course, I want to do so. the only problem? This addon has no mage love. I guess there are other addons out there for other caster classes (they mentioned facemelter & others), but I have yet to find one for mages.

Do you know of one that works like this?

The Scorchy Green-haired one responds:

I heard about that on The Instance as well and was a little curious, not curious enough to follow it up until you wrote in mind you, but curious none-the-less.

So I had a look… Looks like an awesome mod, but I don’t think it’s for us (more…)

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