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As I have the little own chasing around my legs right now, while the kitten climbs over me getting away from him, I haven’t got the time to go into details…

So I say, go read what Wowhead has to say…

Major Battleground and Honor System Changes Coming Soon

Gnomer and Out!

Major Battleground and Honor System Changes Coming Soon

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OK, let me start on the bright side…

Arioch (bless her soul) brought this little number to my attention in the comments of Magic Strudel’s post (why did you roll a Mage?). I wonder if Megan can top a pro like Nyhm?

There was a video ^^ there if it is blocked by the blog nazis… worth a look… trust me!

OK, so down to business…

Like he said, but different

Krizzlybear makes an excellent case for the new LFG… no, not over thereOver here!

But.. I think that the New LFG is NGE! (more…)

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So by now you have probably read the news that Faction transfers are on the way in the forseeable future.

At first glance this is great news, I know I have muttered quietly to myself that I wish my Hunter and Druid could change faction and come and join Gnomeaggedon.

At second glance it is going to raise some issues. I will go through the good, the bad and the ugly of faction transfers in a minute, but 1st up a transcript of a discussion already happening on my mate’s forums…

Re: Faction-Change Service in the Works

MainTankadin says:

This is f’n awesome, finally we can all go back to Horde!!!!
since alliance is so ghey….

Gnomeaggedon responds:

Only when the Horde gets Gnomes….


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So the bastard sons and daughters will be acknowledged by their father in patch 3.2.

Now of course for many years now many players have considered twinkers bastards, especially when they enter battlegrounds with their stock standard toons for a bit of fun to break up the leveling grind.

I had a quick look through the patch notes this morning and noted that coming in patch 3.2 is the ability to stop earning XP.

This is awesome news on a whole lot of different levels, so let’s cover some of them (more…)

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So how about those instance maps guys?

I finally hit “M” while in an instance, and I have to say the wait was worth it… Well maybe not such a long wait, but it is still awesome to both get an instance map and see my position and my parties position real time.

Just Awesome!

The only change I want is to include this for all those bloody caves and buildings that are scattered across the world.

Nothing more frustrating than trying to find my way out of a stinking cave, that is displayed in miniature on my minimap, but when I hit “M” I get the world map.

Anyway, Begging Gnomes can’t be choosing Gnomes.

Gnomer and Out! (more…)

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I asked for it, and apparently I am such an important figure in the WoW blogging community (yeah right!!) that less than a month after having a whinge Blizzard have introduced REAL Instance Maps (well OK, announced would be a better word).

New World Maps Added to Raids and Dungeons in Patch 3.1

I have been hunting for confirmation of this, so thanks Spooner for once again being my source of cool and groovy WoW news.

Gnomer and Out! (more…)

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