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Extreme Casual Player View – Events

OK, so this is my first blog entry, first of many hopefully, and the thing that has greeted me this morning when looking at my RSS headlines is that the Midsummer Fire Festival is here, as covered in many sources (Blizzard , Matticus , WoWVault , Banana Shoulders, WoWInsider, /hug, Mania’s Arcania, Angry Bansidhe, Random Ravings, Kaliope’s Crafting Blog).

So what does this mean for someone like my extremely casual Gnome.  Not much really.. as I will really only be logging on this Friday night, there wont be any torch tossing or catch for me.  No sneaking into Horde cities to throw another shrimp on the bonfire.

Do I begrudge the fact that others are revelling while I hibernate.. NO!

But I am just a little bit envious…

Tell me.. do you induldge in all of the festival delights that you can devour (and remain upright), or do you stand at the side of the dancefloor grumbling about the lack of bodies for the serious work of empire (or toon) building?  Maybe you are just like me.. hibernating…

Gnomer and out!

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