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You hate WoW Fishing?

I hate WoW Fishing!

You love WoW Fish Feasts!

I love WoW Fish Feasts!


There… I said it.

Oh, here’s a surprise, I have more to say…

I remember back when I was looking up the Seafood Magnifique Feast recipe, I thought to myself

Not much different from a Fish feast… I made tons of those. Not really for my use of course, rather for anyone in BGs or Raid groups I was in.

I fished, therefore I fed.

So… where do I need to buy the recipe from.. (more…)

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Tol’Barad: WTF?

Tol’Barad is (has) a PvP zone.

I like PvP.

I like PvP so much that after getting to 85, all I have done on Gnomeaggedon is PvP.

I did try leveling via Battlegrounds with Squidly, but what I found was soul destroying. One SotA involved one player boarding a Demo (me), 2 players fighting the Horde (ineffectively) and 12 players… don’t know what they were doing, but they weren’t near the action. After 4 similar BGs I gave up and quested with Squidly.

As I mentioned earlier, I PvP’d with Gnomeaggedon once I hit level 85… for 2 weeks straight. Heaps of the 15 man’s led by Staylaughing/Sen’jin from QueueQ.

We averaged about 50 honor each battle, but they were fun and it was an honor being a part of the crew helping Qesta/Frostwolf achieve Battlemaster.

There were also a few Alterac Valleys thrown in, at about 100 honor per battle they are still about the best honor, although the Horde did force many a turtle.

Randoms were reasonable honor, 45 for a loss, 100 for a win, 200 for the 1st win of the day.

Call to Arms weekends were a write-off – no bonus honor for the Alliance, just for the Horde – not going to happen!

I have run a great mix of BGs growing to love the new ones.

I have singlehandedly gained the Horde Slayer achievement for my (old) guild.

I have collected a full set of the honor PvP gear, via, believe it or not… PvP.

Which is where Tol’Barad gets my blood boiling, gets me cursing my non-PvPing mates and sending frustrated twitters to Blizzard (more…)

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Dear Guild Masters

Nibuca asked a question in Twitter the other day.

What do you look for in a Guild Website?

I shot back one quick response:

Give non-WoW templates

That’s it.

I don’t care too much about the functionality, I do want to be able to read and leave comments, but the only thing that is important to me is being able to access the guild website when ever I want to.

It isn’t really relevant to me anymore anyway, for a couple of reasons (more…)

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I’ve never created a guild before.

  • I have been a member of many.
  • Officer in at least one and that was pretty big 300-400 members)
  • One of my alts was even promoted to Guild Master of one (ok, it is a bank guild, but hey I’ve held the position before right…)

But I have never started one from scratch, not even one like Armaggedon’s Coming which has no purpose beyond appearing in screenshots.

So how was the process?

The Blizzard “paperwork” part was pretty painless. It would have been more painless if I didn’t adopt the “male DIY read the instructions as a last resort” method of guild creation.

Sure I checked where the Guild Masters were located… ie: somewhere in Stormwind (and the other major cities)… In the Visitors Centers… Like I had ever been there before in 4.5 years!

But read the guild charter, or even the icon to work out how people sign it…?

Pffff Hahaha… That’s for lesser mortals! (more…)

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Good Guildy! How to be one

I have seen lots of blog posts about guild leadership, if you are looking for them start with Matt and keep going.

I have seen lots of posts about recruiting for your guild, or finding the right guild for you.

I have seen lots of posts about being a good class player, nearly every class blog has at least one of those.

I have seen lots of posts about being a good raid leader or raid member.

What I haven’t seen, at least many of, is a post about being a good guild member.

Good Guildy! How to be one (more…)

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My mates joined a guild to raid. When they did so, they clearly stated in their application that they couldn’t raid Friday nights, as this night was already taken to play with other mates (like me). However, they would offer up any spare places in our 10 man raids to their guildies that were at a loose end.

Turns out two of my mates are 2/3 of the best dps in the guild and knowing my mates, the rest of them would be in the top of their fields.

This is sort of beside the point though.

The problem they are facing has been accentuated over the last 2 weeks with me doing 25 man Naxx.

You see, their guild doesn’t have enough to field a 25 man group, and they refuse to pug the extra numbers.

They can field about 16 on any given night, so too many for a 10 man, yet too few for a 25.

They won’t pug the extra 9 for one reason. (more…)

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Guild hopping & Gruul slaying

Hey folks,

Well tonight was a funny night, jumped on to cruise with my 6 friends through whatever comes (Kara or ZA), but we had lost one (new Dad) to other commitments, so without realising it, each of us headed off on different “quests”.

I was bumming about, when I got a pst from my old Guild leader (Malleo). Now if you were to check out my guild history, you would probably shy away from inviting me to your guild – especially my recent guild history. I think I have been in 3 or 4 different guilds in the last few weeks. But I guess I should put that in perspective… (more…)

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