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Ohhh, you mean the Blog Azeroth Shared topic is old!

The ones that get advertised on Twisted Nether Blogcast?

The one about whether my alts know each other?

The one that I read about at Illumination, where there is that family tree?

Pfft… what would you know about old?


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Gnomeaggedon notices parcel under tree…. mmmm where did that come from?

Whoooo Hooo… it’s my Secret Santa!

I can’t wait to unwrap this and….. Ohhh Noes…. that’s what happens when a Plate wearing Paladin goes Cloth Destructo-Mage!

hehehhehe… I love it….

I love the post, and I love the end result!

Thank you Ophie the Bossy Pally, but maybe not a Mage!

This is the best Secret Santa I could have wished for…

Without further ado…


For Christmas, All I Want is to be a Gnome Mage, a Guest Post by Ophie the Bossy Pally

When I found out I was going to be writing a little something for Gnomeaggedon for Christmas, I was super thrilled! I’ve always wanted to slip into the mind of a fire ball casting, face melting, dream destroying, and absolutely huggable little gnome. The master himself was away, dropping off gifts for his friends and attending Jong and Megan’s crazy parties, so I had to go to my alt bin to find a mage capable of providing such an experience. I found her in Ironforge, nurturing her dreams of becoming the bestest of all firey mages.

“Come little mage!” I told her. “Let us be epic and run heroics!”

Slipping into the mind of my little bundle of deadly power, I brought her to Icecrown Citadel. We had to go around the back to find what we were looking for. Forge of Souls, it is called. I was excited. As a paladin, I’ve never had more than 2 or 3 spells before! I wasn’t sure of which buttons to press, so I tried them all. I took a screenshot of my efforts.

Ok, maybe the learning curve is a bit too steep for me. Maybe PvE just isn’t my thing. After all, I’m all about the face melting. PvP is where it’s at. Besides, with my amazing timing skills on my side, it’s almost time for Wintergrasp! You silly hordies better look out! I’m on my way!


Well, my adventures in PvP can be summed in one picture.

Alright, I’ll admit defeat. This maging thing is tougher than I bargained for. You can’t just mind control a mage and expect to insta-win without some skill. I still have some time left, though, so I might as well put her to good use and run some dailies.

I give up. From now on, I’ll leave face melting to the masters. I’ll have my plate and my shield back, please. But…um…now I sort of feel bad for all the times I’ve been impatient about my food. Or been too pushy about a port. The good mages make it look so easy, but what I’ve learned from my afternoon as a wannabe deadly killer is that those good mages are worthy of quite a bit of respect.

I raise my helm to Gnome and to all the mages out there who, unlike me, spend more time alive than dead.

Happy holidays to Gnomeaggedon and to all Armaggedon’s Coming readers!

With /hugs, Ophie the pally-not-mage.


How awesome was that!

Just a couple of minor points of clarification…

I was attending Jong’s and Megan’s crazy panties… not parties 😉

“I raise my helm to Gnome and to all the mages out there who, unlike me, spend more time alive than dead.”

Well, I wont speak for the rest of them, but I spend a lot of my time dead…. it’s just a case of learning to live with it.  I remember the one and only Pally I rolled got shelved at level 10 because it didn’t die… where’s the fun in that?

For an idea of the Miss Saresa’s Secret Santa posts that are yet to come, checkout the thread at Blog Azeroth.

Better yet, to get an idea of what has already been written, check out the post at Twisted Nether!

Miss Saresa’s Secret Santa (aka Blog Azeroth Kris Kringle)

Gnomer and Out, Ophie and Awesome!

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The Joke’s on Me!


  • I could live without WoW for 5 days…
  • I could live without a fridge for 5 days…
  • But I was really struggling without my Blog for 5 days!

So I got to thank that Horde-Loving Gnome-Rolling Pie for coming to the rescue and showing us his ingredient list for his forthcoming Gnome Pie and Squidly Souffle… not to mention increasing the membership of Armaggedon’s Coming.

The Joke’s on Me!

Onto the meat and potatoes of the post.

Every now and then I get a little silly, not too often you understand, most of my posts are Srs Gnome Bzn, but once in the while I take the queue from the sillier of our blogging community and write a post that is intended to be silly from the moment the post title is born.

It’s one of those throw away posts, you expect to get a few hits on, that you expect to lose thousands of subscribers over (if you have them, otherwise the subscription list stays and a nice constant 1.. yes I subscribe… what’s wrong with that? If I was running for President of Azeroth I’d vote for myself too!). Yet somehow it is my most popular non-guide post – by a long stretch!

So I write this April Fools joke post and fill it with the most absurd things I can think of, things that will NEVER EVER come true unless it’s a Blizzard April fools joke (more…)

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I rolled a Gnome because….

I rolled a Gnome because….

As announced on Twisted Nether the BA topic of the Week is to come up with a Quiz about why you rolled you class… I’ve done the class… so let’s look at the race…

Note, only Gnomes (or want to be Gnomes) need apply.

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I rolled a Fire Mage because…

As announced on Twisted Nether the BA topic of the Week is to come up with a Quiz about why you rolled you class… so here goes folks…

Note, only Fire Mages (or want to be Fire Mages)  need apply.

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Shared Topic: What I Will be Doing…

From Twisted Nether comes this weeks topic of the week, all about your first few days in WoLK:

Many folks (including myself) already have an idea in our heads about what we will be doing in the first day or three after Wrath hits. I thought it might be interesting to have folks put it down “on paper” as it were. That way we could reference back to it when writing the inevitable “my first day/ weekend/ week” in Northrend posts.

Might be interesting to see how close or far off we really ended up being. Kind of like a time capsule of expectations we could go back and poke through later. Not to mention it will end up covering ideas for 3 or more posts: what I think now, what really happened, and comparing the two.

I have a quicky.

If the release is after November 13th:

If it’s before 13th November.

I will be sulking!

Why? Because I am not going to buy the expansion then get on a plane and leave my PC for 2 months.

Gnomer and Out!

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My Pal, My Theme Song

What is Gnomeaggedon’s Theme Song?


Well, not so much the words, although “Your my only friend, and you don’t even like me” is probably quite pertinent to most WoW friendships.

No, it’s more about the feeling that the music invokes in me.

The initial strumming/picking of the guitar, feels like the tank pulling and starting to build threat, while I squirm with impatience, then throw the first few scorches out building up for the drums…

You know you are going to pull aggro any seconds now, but you just can’t stop

Then it’s all out chaos, fireballs flying, fireballs-to-the-wall action. (more…)

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Aint gunna happen…

Breana raises this weeks BA Shared topic:

Recently, in BA chat, I spoke about my guild progress and how we killed Mags the week before. Then the conversation turned to getting the “Champion of the Naruu” title. Which got me thinking, I actually can do that quest and get that title! Something I thought I would never see, let alone attain, was now an achievable goal.

What about you? Think back.

What content or goals did you think you would never see, and what have you done? What has surprised you the most? Where do you see yourself in 6 months, after the launch of Lich?

Well I never thought I was going to play WoW, but I will get to that. (more…)

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Hi folks, it’s that time again… Blog Azeroth topic of the week “What you need to know about [insert class here], in my case, I will be telling you about things from the perspective of my little Fire Mage.

Crowd Control.

As a fire mage I only have a few tricks up my overly generous sleeves.

Frost Nova – I can trap quite a few mobs for 8 seconds.

Blasts enemies near the caster for 99 to 111 Frost damage and freezes them in place for up to 8 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.

  • 1st thing to note, 8 seconds isn’t a hell of a long time, and I have probably pissed a few of them off as well.
  • 2nd thing, it is likely to break, releasing all the mobs if you get a lucky crit.
  • If I frost nova in the vicinity of shackles etc, I will break them… sorry we are working towards the same end, I am just trying to keep the healers alive for another 8 seconds… please reshackle, sheep etc.
  • Generally I am only dropping this to protect someone, probably the healers so:
  1. Healers, move away from the mobs melee attacks if they are still hitting you, they wont follow.. well immediately anyway.
  2. Everyone else, either focus on the original target, or give the tank, shacklers etc a chance to get their mob(s) back under control (more…)

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Why do We (me) WoW?

BA topic de jour, a great question for many reasons and worth taking a step back and considering – it may keep you sane….

Why I play at all…

Back when I was young, it was practically socially acceptable (here in Oz anyway) to (binge) drink and drive – even if not legally acceptable.

Times have changed and “all my friends are getting married, yeah they’re all growing old. They all staying home on the weekends, they’re all doing what their told….(more…)

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