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Back when I started playing WoW getting the gold for your still training let alone your normal mount and let’s not even talk about your epic mount was something that sent shivers down peoples spines.

It was very common to get a loan from a slightly more affluent buddy and many guild banks were intended to help finance these big purchases.

Auctioneering wasn’t that common, it was some sort of arcane art. The gold limit was unknown, people just didn’t have enough gold to find out what arbitrary figure Blizzard had chosen.

These days (legal) gold making strategy sites are a dime a dozen and many such as Greedy Goblin have a huge following.


Gevlon hit the gold limit a long time ago and now uses his bottomless purse to buy his raid spot and fund his guilds needs.

Many people, Gevlon and myself included, have discussed the concept of “good enough” gear. That point where the gear is good enough, with the appropriate amount of skill (which doesn’t have to be that high) to perform well enough in any situation.

The same is the case with gold, yet it seems to have become the latest min/max grind (more…)

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Neutral Auction Houses

I was just listening to the hot tub edition #138 of The Instance and a question came up about why there are no Auction Houses in Shattrath or Dalaran.

Their answer, one I have heard many times before:

Because Blizzard wants people to continue to return to the Old World and it ensures life in quality but otherwise forgotten content.

But… But…

What about the Neutral Auction Houses. (more…)

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Keep it, trash it, sell it?

So two months down the track in WoLK, I have just joined the game with bank and bags full of old world enchanting mats (and other misc rubbish).

So should I dump it all in a world economic crash style, or will the time come in the next couple of months where like linen and wool people are prepared to pay 4 times a sensible rate to power level their professions?

Ohhh and thanks dear readers for putting up with question posts for this 1st week… I do have some plans for something without questions, but it is nice to know that there are some many people out there prepared to help a slow Gnome!

Gnomer and Out!

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Plenty of money to be made on the Neutral Auction Houses

Only got 40 silver to your name?

Want to convert that to a quick 10, 20, 30 gold?


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Hey Folks,

Any hair left on your heads (and no I am not talking about the mandatory trip to the ingame Barber)?

As would be expected with any WoW “patch” this size, addons are continuing to break and evolve as those breakages are being reported to the Addon authors, so…

Stick with it, chin up and all that stuff

Report the errors you see so that things can get fixed

OK, now more specifically to Auctioneer.

Error Reporting

One of the nice things about Auctioneer is it’s error reporting frame, which nicely captures errors which may (or may not be) related to Auctioneer. (more…)

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Auctioneer users probably already realise this… but just in case you are wondering, there is a new version of Auctioneer released to coincide with patch 3.02

No longer a prerelease, this is a fully fledged release: 5.1

Norganna says:

I am pleased to announce that we have the Auctioneer 5.1 release ready to go.

The 5.1 release is for WoW 3.0.2 (TOC version 30000), and while we still have the version 5.0 Auctioneer available for downloads on the download page, this version is for the European users who still have not patched yet.

As is always the case on patch days, there’s likely to be things that have gone awry. We’ve tried the best we can to predict all possible outcomes, but ultimately we have only been able to test on the PTR, the same as you guys, and there’s no guarantees that the live 3.0.2 will act exactly the same as the PTR, so if you find any bugs, please report them back as soon as possible, and please, please, please backup your WoW/WTF folder first thing, OK? We don’t want you to be telling us you forgot when we ask you if you made backups. 🙂

Ok, kids go get ’em, and remember, there’s no “I” in “Team”!

Some bold and underlining by me for emphasis…!

Go get it!

Gnomer and Out!

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When scanning the auction house, I regularly come across “random low level item with random low level enchant”.

I think to myself, why on earth would you put an enchant on an item where:

  1. The enchant mats cost more than the item
  2. Put it up for sale on the auction house
  3. I will come to 3.


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They are working hard over at Auctioneer in preparation for WoLK, and a new preview version has been released, version 3471.

Nechckn says there have been over 130 updates and enhancements! (more…)

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How to spot price poisoning (and what to do about it)

RockSlice (Core Developer) for Auctioneer has some handy information on how to spot price poisoning (and what to do about it).


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The reason I love the Auction House


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