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This is a post about men’s health.

Actually it’s a post about health, where the primary target is men, but:

  1. It’s just as applicable for some women, and
  2. It will require the presence of a significant other (or others) as you go along.

So maybe this is the time for you to grab the ones you love, to read along with you and witness (or provide) the men’s oath of health (more…)

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Happy Birthday Krizzlybear!

Happy 25th Birthday Krizzlybear!

Gone from the WoW Blogging scene, but definitely not forgotten.

Ohh and if you are wondering what this post is really all about, then have a look at his post from last year, and you might find a clue… and if that isn’t good enough, there is one more clue here.

Krizzlybear’s Response:

Oh, hi there gnomey. In case you may have forgotten, I’m still a contributing author to this blog. While I may be a long ways from my WoW days, I’d just like to say that the more things change, the more things stay the same.  See below:

And in the grand tradition of this awesome day that is my birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks, and Happy Birthday to you as well!

Gnomer (and Krizzly!) and Out!

(endnote: wait a minute…that “and Krizzly!” doesn’t fit in that well at all.  Suddenly, I realize what the ol’ gnome is getting at with his signature phrase.  Yikes.  I don’t look that smart at all!  It’s okay, though.  It’s my birthday after all.)

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Lovely head on that Gnome

A quick deviation from our scheduled posting to wish Calvin a happy birthday.

Not something I would normally do, however he has shared a joyful moment with me, thinking (correctly) that it is something that would appeal to me.

This is arguably the 2nd sexiest Gnome you have ever seen… I am still the most sexy Gnome you will ever see, but this is a close 2nd.

Makes you want to me in my gang doesn’t it?

Happy Birthday Calvin.

May all the Gnomes in your life bring you as much pleasure as this one!

Gnomer and Out!

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Merry Christmas… BE SAFE!

Hi folks,

a short one to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

More importantly a safe one.

Christmas is for family and friends, yet it is often a time when family and friends are taken from us.

Please be safe this holiday period.

The following video is very distressing, but it hits me in the gut every time I watch it (and I have watched it many times).

It reminds me that while I consider myself a good driver, there are many things out of my control and while I am controlling a deadly vehicle, safety is more important that a few minutes shaved off a trip.

Arriving alive is more important than enjoying the view.

The car is neither love nest, nor boxing ring.

Stop and pay attention.

Make sure you are in the right frame of mind before getting behind the wheel.

Pull over if you are tired.

And for all that is precious, do not drive under the influence!

If you have suffered from road trauma, directly or indirectly, the video may not be for you.

If you consider yourself a good driver that can handle anything, then maybe it’s worth a watch.

Gnomer and Out!


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I’m Sorry

First Australians vodcasts from SBS

Right, let me state right up front this isn’t a WoW post, it’s a post about hatred and my hatred of people that are depicted in this series that were in the best cases misguided to the point of hatred, but in the worst were hatred incarnate.

If you thought Australia’s history was about convicts, the poor deported, you are wrong. the history is about the disposed.

To think that I was proud that my great-grandmother went and marked out a selection for my grandfather.

I know the truth now.

It wasn’t his land.

When I was in South Africa I visited the Apartheid Museum and was disgusted, yet, I had no understanding of the atrocities committed in my “own” land (more…)

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Bacon and Eggs

I’m spell stealing Jong’s bacon and donuts.

If you haven’t got kids you probably don’t appreciate the joy of convincing them that the joys in life aren’t yucky.

Take bacon and eggs for eggample.

Odin loves eggs, but only a certain way.

Odin eggs 01

He has to crack the egg, add a little milk, salt and pepper, then whisk it… Not too much, just so the yolk isn’t in one piece.

Yolks… Generally kids don’t like yolks, unless they are mixed in.

Odin is no exception

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An Aussie Blogger in the U.S. LFB

An Aussie Blogger in the U.S. Looking For Bed

Hey Folks,

Here’s a bizarre question for you.

TreeHuggerDave is leaving Dallas today, heading onto LA, arriving around 80.30 pm on 29th, staying until the 4th of October…

Long story short, his accommodation in Dallas fell through and he is unexpectedly heading to LA early.

So if you have a spare bed, or even a couch and are prepared to welcome an Aussie blogger and WoW player into your home for a few days, drop me a line via the ContactGnome page (link at the top) and I will pass on your info.

Gnomer and Out!

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Family Game Playing

This is neither a WoW post, nor a positive post about the family getting together for a round or two of scrabble or monopoly or snap.

No, this is an outpouring of exasperation at those psychological/sociological games that families play.

So I won’t be offended if you tune out now and come back tomorrow in the hope of a more positive WoW oriented post (more…)

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Space Crusade


It was a mate’s birthday over the weekend (let’s call him WildMan), so after our chilly BBQ, we headed back to his place to down a few brews and Aliens.

Mr.Z! And another mate (TRex) joined us for the night.

WildMan dragged out a board game, Space Crusade, which I have never played before, but it’s basically the same concept as Space Hulk (more…)

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