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It’s Optional

We know RealID is here to stay, both ingame and in the future in relation to additional optional features.

I need to point out that I don’t mind the concept of AnID, I’m just not all that keen on RealID, still, in it’s current form.

This comes from the “optional” part of RealID.

  • It’s an option to use it or not.
  • It’s an option to apply parental controls to your (maybe adult) account, or not.

Which really comes down to:

a). use it, or

b). not.

Currently I choose option b) (more…)

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The end of another week of WoW, not that its ever a full week on Oceanic realms anyway, we only get 6 days per week, yet for some reason pay for 7.

Of course this week has been unusual, filled with high drama and not of the guild variety. Mind you, the only drama in my guild these days is when the guild leader /ragequits, which of course means there is no guild.

It was also unusual in the sense that I didn’t pick up one Frost Emblem. No VoA, no Weekly, no ICC, not even a random heroic. Two toons, zero emblems.

Mind you, I haven’t really been in the mood to raid. Not even to take down Internet Dragons. I think in part it’s because I’m tired of the mechanics, they are new and exciting replications of the old ones.

You know immediately what it means when someone says:

Don’t stand in the bad!

The thing is the bad is of a different color this week.

  • It’s not red
  • It’s not black
  • It is green, but a different shade of green.

It’s the shade of green that money is made out of.

Forever more when someone says “don’t stand in the bad”, I will be thinking of a different boss mechanic, the corporate boss mechanic rather than the raid boss mechanic (more…)

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My Life After WoW

A few days back the ultimate mistress of evil, the Boomerang Blogger herself (Saresa for those of you that hadn’t picked t yet) forced me to think about what I would be doing in my life after WoW.

What would a washed up Gnome Mage do after years to plucking Moonkin, burning Trees to the ground, roasting Trolls, dismembering Forsaken, BBQ’ing Tauren and drooling over Blood Elves?

I thought I’d turn away from Fire, from destruction, from turning things into carbon to growing things, lovingly, patiently.

I never thought there could be anything more beautiful than the glare of the Fireball roaring across the horizon to king hit the healer at the back of the pack, but I was prepared to try.

So, starting with a few seeds, a can of water and some appropriately fertile soil, I began my new adventures in gardening.

I can’t go wrong can I?

I’m a Gnome, and there are all the legends of Garden Gnome (more…)

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I fear I smell sleight of hand.

However, the resub is as clear a sign as the cancel, so yes, I will resubscribe, but as many, many people have pointed out, there is more to this change that simply a forum ID change.

So the backdown is announced here (thank you to all of you that sent it to me while I slept and dreamed of Internet Dragons) (more…)

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Derek Dickwad has initiated a Ready Check

Derek Dickwad: OK guys, this is going to be an awesome raid, everyone got their consumables?

Isa Nutta: I got my Jim Beam and piles of peanuts

Mike Hunt: I’m blowing my scooby-doo as we speak

Derek Dickwad: Mike, I’ll get to buffs in a minute, just checking on consumables right now

Ican Be-loony: I got 3 disposable sims, ready to roll.

Nota Badguybut: Can I have an invite plz!

Isa Nutta: Nota, you are such a fag!

Mike Hunt: lol

Ican Be-loony: lol

Derek Dickwad: lol pwned dude

Derek Dickwad: Anyone heard from Davo tonight? He signed up, but no word yet.

Mike Hunt: he’s probably screwing his girlfriend to the wall again.. he’s always going on about it.

Isa Nutta: His girlfriend is probably screwing him to the wall, otherwise he’d be here with the 1337Squad

Derek Dickwad: Right guys, let’s get this fucker, this fag, seriously how ghey is this.

Derek Dickwad: I’ll start with the dogshit bomb on his front door step -I’ll aim my spot light at his door so he can’t see me, but I’ve got good light for the photos of the poofta

Derek Dickwad: Mike, you get the honor of spamming his facebook site and email accounts.  Maybe throw a message or two on his company website about how is such a child fucking poofta.

Derek Dickwad: Isa, you know your job, can you hold it together this time?  When you call his boss and pretend to be a sheriff, don’t burst into laughter while spinning the bullshit about how your investigating him for child porn, prostitution, drug trafficing and, hell throw in that he kicked a nigger once.. though he’s probably a mutha fucking nigger himself.

Derek Dickwad: Ican, phone spam on my call, remember to call his Mum and grandparents at the same time.

Derek Dickwad: Nota, you got the pizza order ready – Super Supreme Ghey with extra anchovies

Derek Dickwad has initiated a Ready Check (more…)

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Only 3 of me

On a positive note…

Logo There are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I know there are a few more in my state, of my country, but really, how many phone calls, or just comparing details will it take (see below)?


I know a quite a few people are contacting me to tell me you are canceling.

I wont lie, I am proud of you for taking a stand.

I will also say, that if the game means enough to you that you don’t care (let’s face it, how many people care when their guild bank gets pillaged due to no authenticators), then you don’t have to follow my path (more…)

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My RealID

I am going to share something with you today. It’s my RealID, the one most people know me by, the one even my Mother used for me (as much as she hated it).

My name is Snowy.

Of course if you have ever received an email reply from Gnomeaggedon, I have probably already (chosen to) shared that with you.

Snowy isn’t my TrueID, my legal name, though I have considered changing it.

I have known people for 20+ years that only know me only as Snowy, because I am Snowy. Occasionally there is a need to reveal my Clarke Kent true identity and they are stunned, even disbelieving. Yet, 99% of them continue to refer to me as Snowy.

This ReadID goes back a long way, back before I was born in fact. My family has generations of Snowys, not just my immediate family, my extended family (more…)

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