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and really it is the easy way (accepting the alternative is just praying that it happens), but that doesn’t make it easy.

In a sense the hardest part is getting 14 other people to start the game with the same mindset…

Aim to lose – Come back for the win.

For a while my friends and I were casually practicing that attitude, basically screwing about in the AB for a while, then going hard for a win, the problem was we never got close enough to losing (500 point behind) to “win” the achievement.

I blame all those win focused players, you know, we all hate them, some of the bastards write blogs on how to win the game quickly and efficiently.

I spit on their balding green haired heads… bloody Gnomes!

So yeah, you need to stack your team with people that are OK with a loss, a lot of loses, to achieve the goal.

Luckily I am in a guild with a lot of good losers, but beyond that, think of it as practice. Even if you don’t achieve the 500 point deficit, you still want to practice the comeback. They aren’t loses.. just practice sessions.

Stacking your team with mates is a good starting point. Even if you don’t have 15, the more the better, as that’s less you have to convince that you aren’t a horde spy in the 30 seconds you have to explain your intentions and the strategy and buy their commitment.

For some the idea of coming that close to a loss purely for the sake of the achievement isn’t worth the time, or the risk to their honor, so you have to be persuasive fast. We tried not telling people, but then we just went back to practice sessions, because no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t convince people to settle with less than 2 bases… and that’s the starting point 1 base only.

Here’s the rest…


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I spent years achieving the achievement and all I got was this lousy title…

Finally, finally, with a lot of help from my friends and awesome support from the PuGs, I got Resilient Victory,

the last achievement I needed for Master of Arathi Basin,

and more importantly the last achievement I needed for Battlemaster.

So yes, I am now officially Battlemaster Gnomeaggedon, Justicar of Gnomeregan. Well I would be if you could chain titles… Guess I will stick with Gnomeaggedon of Gnomeregan.

Of course, with what comes next, you will probably re-title me Gnomeaggedon, Master Whinger of Gnomeregan (more…)

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Children’s Week and the memories of School of Hard Knocks spurred a little bloodlust recently.

Prelimnar tells me that Blizzard has encouraged him to love Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley through immersion therapy related to the achievement, and I guess it was a similar thing for me.

I have always loved WSG, but as a rule, Alliance have fared badly and end up running around like headless chooks.

I have been around Aussie Rules football long enough to know you “Play the ball, not the man”, but experience has shown that most ignore the “ball” in WSG, much preferring to shirt-front the players even when it means certain death.

However, being ranged and squishy, I have always played at range.  So when a flag drops, I am lucky if I can get to it before it despawns let alone beat a teammate (or the gods forbid and enemy) to pick it up.

As I say, Children’s Week reignited my love of WSG and my desire to get my hands on the flag.

Not the Horde flag, OUR FLAG!

So for the last couple of weeks, you could be pretty sure that I would be in WSG.  If I only got to do one thing, it was one WSG.

As the days have gone on, I have picked up some warriors in arms, Streakers players that either love WSG, or just felt the desire to help me reach my goals.

The fruits of my labor paid off last night (more…)

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Well the annual children’s week slaughter is well underway.

It’s a strange time of year in the BGs, and there is basically one of two philosophies that one can adopt, as so well expressed by Cynwise last year.

You can either:

I subscribe to the philosophy of waiting to see the colour of their jib.

Gnomeaggedon, Plaguezilla and Daror on a WSG outing

I will:

  • Wait patiently with the Alliance innocents and their orphans to determine whether any white remains in the eyes of the approaching Horde… if there is nothing but blood, then blood will be spilled, or
  • Head to their flag room to offer free flag returns (and if they harm a hair on my head… well, I take names and hand out numbers just like a supermarket deli queue… your time will come), or
  • Slaughter the 1st Horde that looks at me sideways, upways, downways, anyways.

I’m not fussed either way, either combat will be entered at the 5 minute mark, or it will be entered at the 1 minute mark… when it is entered, there will be blood (more…)

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You hate WoW Fishing?

I hate WoW Fishing!

You love WoW Fish Feasts!

I love WoW Fish Feasts!


There… I said it.

Oh, here’s a surprise, I have more to say…

I remember back when I was looking up the Seafood Magnifique Feast recipe, I thought to myself

Not much different from a Fish feast… I made tons of those. Not really for my use of course, rather for anyone in BGs or Raid groups I was in.

I fished, therefore I fed.

So… where do I need to buy the recipe from.. (more…)

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The guide is below, but 1st an important discussion, particularly considering the frustration this Achievement can bring.

OK, selfish is too strong a word, for most people anyway. Forgetful, unthinking (not it a bad way I promise) might be better words.

Or, are you a generous, considerate Achievement Hunter.

Levels of Generosity

  1. Share with All
  2. Share with Guild
  3. Share with mates
  4. Share with everyone, except “Fred”.
  5. Share with none
  • I share with all, without thinking about it.  If I see an achievement waiting to be plucked, or shared with the common populace of Alliance Aman’Thul, I yell it up and down the streets.
  • Others will just send a message in Guild chat… that’s what Guildies are for right, to share, to help.. and screw the rest.
  • Some will share just with their mates, even if their mates are in the guild, they wont make it public.
  • Poor Fred, he made the mistake of saying he was going to beat everyone in the Achievement hunting stakes, so when you see an achievement on offer, do you share it around Fred’s back? (Yes Mr. Tree, I am talking about you and Mr.Z!… of course you do it intentionally sloppily)
  • Maybe it’s all about you. Share with no one.  Sure you can’t get server 1st, but you can get server 3,452nd and you wont settle for 3,453rd.

It’s up to you, but please share with ALL!

So, we are getting closer to the details of this achievement, but 1st the basic mechanics.

  • There are 8 spawn locations for 8 tomes of magic.
  • There is a 3 hour cooldown from when a book is touched at any of the spawn locations before another will spawn.
  • That respawn will occur any time in the following hour.
  • So it can take anywhere from 3 – 4 hours for a tome to spawn.
  • Once the book is clicked, it remains for 3 minutes, but can be clicked on by anyone during that 3 minutes for credit.

Painful nah?

But wait, it gets worse! (more…)

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Just a short one, because as instructed, I have put my feet up and I am in the process of knocking over a few Dwarven ales.

Still, considering the last couple of posts about achievements, I can’t let this one slip through.

I’m not sure whether I should be thanking:

  • The 300,000 of you that visited once… or
  • The 1 of you that visited 300,000 times… or
  • The 299,999 attempts by spammers + the  one of you that dropped by.

Whoever I need to thank, and I’m sure you know who you are…


Gnomer and Out!

PS: I don’t do it for the hits.. and I have long since stopped publishing these things, but I just couldn’t help myself, because you know what day I hit 300k?

Yep the same day I knocked over Loremaster & Explorer.

Thanks for coming!

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The birth place of my WoW beginnings…

Coming Home

Obviously not Gnomeaggedon’s beginnings, but my WoW playing beginnings.

It was a long journey with many discoveries…

Mankirk's wife found.. hunt continues for Gnome responsible

Contrary to reports spread by the Horde, I had nothing to do with the beating.

Of course it begs the question…

If a Gnome can find Mankirk’s wife, why have 10,000,000 Horde failed?

A long journey come to an end.

Loremaster Gnomer the Explorer and Out!

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Mmm maybe time for bed… sleep would be good.

Thanks to Twisted Nether Blogcast & Arivina for getting me through, mentally & physically, the last quests.

Loremaster Gnomer and Out!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


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It’s been a while hasn’t it… no not so much since I posted, but yes I have been enjoying my holidays, my time with Odin, my new house and…

Well, that’s what I’m trying to say, it’s been a while since Gnomeaggedon got more than a mailbox check.

Squidly’s sick of random dungeons, because doing the same instance time and again doesn’t feel all that random.  He’s also run afoul of GearScore and Achievement linking… people on Twitter got to hear me howl about that, but that can wait for another day.

Gnomeaggedon Frost Nova’d and Polymorph: Turtle’d Squidly to get a bit of play time.  Something a little bit less about you (or them) and much more about me.

See that’s the thing about healing, ultimately it’s all about them…

  • Keep the tank alive – he’ll save you but = them
  • Keep the DPS alive – they’ll turn the DPS meters red with blood = them
  • Loot drops and someone Ninja’s it = them (admittedly not as bad as Dechion’s experiences, expounded upon by the BigBearaggedon (no… not yet… but soon… sooon Mmmmwwwwhhhhhaaaahahhahaha! Make sure you read BBB’s last comment it realy sums up these fucksticks, forum trolls and bullies in general, as well as the true thoughts of higher beings like us)
  • Loot drops for Squidly that’s an upgrade & he’s called a Ninja = them (yes another holiday adventure story for another time)

Time out for me, Me, ME I TELL YOU!

After Squidly started sporting nice new Triumph clothes and couldn’t remember why he was in Wintergrasp and the other battlegrounds any more (stupid f’n you can’t queue for more than one activity!), Gnomeaggedon reared his little green head and said…

Please Sir, can I have some more.. emblems… and FUN!

Queue Wintergrasp… Queue Random… hell, just Queue!


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