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Tol’Barad: WTF?

Tol’Barad is (has) a PvP zone.

I like PvP.

I like PvP so much that after getting to 85, all I have done on Gnomeaggedon is PvP.

I did try leveling via Battlegrounds with Squidly, but what I found was soul destroying. One SotA involved one player boarding a Demo (me), 2 players fighting the Horde (ineffectively) and 12 players… don’t know what they were doing, but they weren’t near the action. After 4 similar BGs I gave up and quested with Squidly.

As I mentioned earlier, I PvP’d with Gnomeaggedon once I hit level 85… for 2 weeks straight. Heaps of the 15 man’s led by Staylaughing/Sen’jin from QueueQ.

We averaged about 50 honor each battle, but they were fun and it was an honor being a part of the crew helping Qesta/Frostwolf achieve Battlemaster.

There were also a few Alterac Valleys thrown in, at about 100 honor per battle they are still about the best honor, although the Horde did force many a turtle.

Randoms were reasonable honor, 45 for a loss, 100 for a win, 200 for the 1st win of the day.

Call to Arms weekends were a write-off – no bonus honor for the Alliance, just for the Horde – not going to happen!

I have run a great mix of BGs growing to love the new ones.

I have singlehandedly gained the Horde Slayer achievement for my (old) guild.

I have collected a full set of the honor PvP gear, via, believe it or not… PvP.

Which is where Tol’Barad gets my blood boiling, gets me cursing my non-PvPing mates and sending frustrated twitters to Blizzard (more…)

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I cried!

There was no statue to Gnomeaggedon (I have raised a bug report), but NEW Tinker Town nearly made my heart burst.

I haven’t even done anything there yet, I am still a bit overcome with emotion.

I’m not going to show you.

If you are a Gnome…

If you have played one and loved one…

Then the homecoming is yours to experience.

I am going to tell you a little of my journey through the Portal of Time: Destination near future.  I don’t think there is much that will spoil your experience, if there is, I will try to make it difficult to see, or easy to avoid… or, well, they aren’t much as spoilers anyway… you have probably already heard more from a guy, that knows a guy, that worked with a guy, that slept with a woman, that dreams about Gnomes and Men, than you will see here.

It started with an email…

Which turned into a downloader…

which turned into an installer… (more…)

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Betaggedon’s Coming!

Although it might take a while…

So I better plan…

OMG what do you take into the Portal of Time: Destination the near future?

Does my hair look OK, do I need a trip to the barber?

Do I need to pack rations… Ohh of course not, I can conjure them.

Do I need gold, bandages, mats, strong alcoholic drinks?

Is there inflight entertainment, or do I need to pack a tome?

Can I take Squidly as well? (don’t want to leave him behind to take all the glory).

Whatever happens, 1st destination must be Gnomeregan. I need to make sure that my statue is coming along fine… I look fat in stone!

Beta and Out!

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I think I’m a little delirious, because you know, the title of this post probably has nothing to do with the contents of the post..

let me check…

Ummm no, not really, err, maybe kinda.

No Yankees, but there is some Fire Mage Talent commentary

** WTF! **

So, how ’bout that new 31 point talent tree?

Is the question I got asked, to which I responded…

31 point talent tree?

Yeah, a Gnome with his finger on the pulse… wrong pulse, but there is a pulse there somewhere and a vein, maybe just give me another dozen attempts to jab that needle in…

So what’s the best way for me to approach this… yeah leave it to someone else…

Celeglin writes:

So, how ’bout that new 31 point talent tree? Can’t wait to see your write up (more…)

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Unless you are a mushroom, live under a rock or maybe like me have had other priorities for the last month, you will have realized that the C-word is now acceptable, well in relation to WoW at least.

NO! Not that C-word… This one…


Too many words have already been wasted on prediction and QQ for something that is still around 12 months away, so I won’t waste my breath on that (until next week maybe…).

Rather I want to suggest that now is probably a good time to reroll. (more…)

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