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A. Nothing they are all about the loot!


I have seen a fee posts about the blogshpere about people craving longer instances again. This is probably a push back against ToC in particular, but also the move to quicker instances that started in TBC, but was honed to 1/2 hour – hour runs in WoLK.

I have even read posts about posts about shorter instances. In fact it was while replying to one of these that a thought struck me…

Q. What’s the difference between a 20 minute Instance and a boosted instance…

A. Nothing they are all about the loot!


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Alternative Therapies

I rolled a Shaman, a Draenei Shaman.
I will be OK!

You see, as much as I love my Gnome, my Gnome Mage, my Gnome Fire Mage, I needed a break.

  • A break from 3,2,1,1,1,3,1,1,2,1,3.
  • A break from Living Bombs and Hot streaks.
  • A break from polymorph (Ohhh, that break was called WoLK wasn’t it.)
  • A break from raiding and dailies and rep grinds and emblems and….

While the best break might be a complete break, quitting WoW, there is an alternative, an alternative therapy. (more…)

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Unless you are a mushroom, live under a rock or maybe like me have had other priorities for the last month, you will have realized that the C-word is now acceptable, well in relation to WoW at least.

NO! Not that C-word… This one…


Too many words have already been wasted on prediction and QQ for something that is still around 12 months away, so I won’t waste my breath on that (until next week maybe…).

Rather I want to suggest that now is probably a good time to reroll. (more…)

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3.2 introduced the 2 hour window for boss loot trading.

There is no question this is a great change and there has been lots of discussion about how this reduces the accidental loot distribution issues.

There are two other advantages that I have experienced.

Missed loot.

Generally there is a 30 second window to express your interest in master looted gear in our raids.

  1. Item gets linked
  2. Rolls are called for
  3. Countdown begins
  4. Countdown ends
  5. Loot is distributed

The thing is the raid didn’t stop for looting.

The raid has moved on and is in heated combat.

Even if the chat channel and vent isn’t filled with battle commands, it is easy to miss the call to roll.

One of two things will happen at this point: (more…)

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Stuff happened.

I wasn’t there.

I haven’t even read about yet because I have been housecleaning.

Literally and Blog Feederly.

FeedReader Cleanup everything

Yep I’ve been casting living bomb indiscriminately on most (but not all) of the feeds in my reader.

A month down the track, the approximately 2000 posts was too much for me. 260+ Mage posts is daunting enough!

I’ve also spent the last week and a half cleaning up my Mum’s house. 3 skips, multiple Op Shop trips and 2.5 truck loads later, Mum’s house is empty. My house on the other hand has 3 unusable rooms, a garage and a front porch packed to the rafters.

Anyway, just cause I am ignorant doesn’t mean I can’t comment…


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Invisibility Fades From You

Just as when I was trying to avoid a wipe the other night in HToC, and those stupid Shaman wolves kept the battle going until my invisibily faded and I was discovered by the Black Knight…

I’m back, but not out of combat just yet.

Mum has gone, but my family are firmly engaged in “wipe recovery”, cleaning up the mess that has been left behind (and let me assure you, it is quite a mess).

Meanwhile I am itching to return to posting but have struck two issues.


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Some people struggle to choose between Alliance and Horde.

Some people struggle to choose between races.

Some people struggle to choose between classes.

Sometimes decisions are more difficult.

A week ago my family had to make a choice about my Mother’s future.

Let her continue on in a crippled body, half her brain dead, her organs not under her own control…


Let her go…

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