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If you’ve ever stepped into an instance or raid, made an attempt on a boss, died, released and tried to renter the instance or the bosses room whole the battle still rages, you will know what I am talking about.

Quick note: do not release! Never release until the last party member is dead AND the call is made to release and run.

If you release you most likely won’t be allowed into the instance or the bosses room. If you aren’t in the instance (even as a corpse) when the boss goes down, you just lost all loot, emblems and credit for the kill.

If you can’t get in, you may as well watch and cry. Better yet, watch and learn as I did while watching a Heigan fail… I learned, danced and got the achievement next time around.

If you release before the call is made you may cost your party/raid 10 minutes while they wait for you if there is a rezzer safe and ready to go.

Mmmm so much for a quick note…

Anyway, back on topic… (more…)


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