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Back when I started playing WoW getting the gold for your still training let alone your normal mount and let’s not even talk about your epic mount was something that sent shivers down peoples spines.

It was very common to get a loan from a slightly more affluent buddy and many guild banks were intended to help finance these big purchases.

Auctioneering wasn’t that common, it was some sort of arcane art. The gold limit was unknown, people just didn’t have enough gold to find out what arbitrary figure Blizzard had chosen.

These days (legal) gold making strategy sites are a dime a dozen and many such as Greedy Goblin have a huge following.


Gevlon hit the gold limit a long time ago and now uses his bottomless purse to buy his raid spot and fund his guilds needs.

Many people, Gevlon and myself included, have discussed the concept of “good enough” gear. That point where the gear is good enough, with the appropriate amount of skill (which doesn’t have to be that high) to perform well enough in any situation.

The same is the case with gold, yet it seems to have become the latest min/max grind (more…)

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