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I (we, my wife and I) must be doing something right. Not just an offer to help with the daily chores, but a polite one. I guess I should appreciate it while it lasts… I dare say as he gets older both the offer of assistance and the politeness will dry up.

One week shy of 3 years old, and my little one is shaping up just fine.

  • He helps with the dishes
  • He wants to cook… One of his favorite things is rolling out the roti.
  • He’s toilet trained, past the bribery stage, and wants to do it all himself.
  • He not just wants to go to bed, but virtually insists on doing it all himself… Even wants to “read” the book to himself.

What more can a proud Dad ask for (more…)

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There is an unwritten rule of Mage v. Lock relations.

Hate the other publicly, envy them privately.

OK, maybe not so unwritten.

OK, maybe it’s written nearly everywhere on every Mage and Lock blog, forum, guild website plus many more.

Well, the hate bit anyway, I guess I can’t really speak for other Mages, but I don’t hate Locks.

Fear them a little yes, but hate them… Not even a little.

Of course the days of the Burning Crusade are long gone (more…)

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