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Mind Control can be a dangerous thing, even in the right hands.

In the hands of the inexperienced, or worse, mischievous it can produce some unusual results.

This is a story of Real Life mind control.

The sort that occurs when you love someone unconditionally and you are prepared to do something crazy for them, no matter what others may think…

It goes a little like this:

Daddy: Odin, would you like you face painted by this nice lady?

Odin: No Daddy!

Odin: I want your face painted… I want a 1/2 butterfly on your face!


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Maybe if I just twink my fingers at this angle I will get the desired result…

Mmm nope, that didn’t send me where I want to be.

Maybe if I hold my left leg in the air, while shaking my left hand, wriggling my right fingers and chant the required phrase…

Mmmm, everything looks the same, well except me.

I appear to be a pale imitation of myself… is this the look of success?

What’s this? A random party invite already?

Larisa 02

Mmmm, the name is familiar, a sure sign of success?

Let’s just see what this fellow Mage looks like…


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So by now you have probably read the news that Faction transfers are on the way in the forseeable future.

At first glance this is great news, I know I have muttered quietly to myself that I wish my Hunter and Druid could change faction and come and join Gnomeaggedon.

At second glance it is going to raise some issues. I will go through the good, the bad and the ugly of faction transfers in a minute, but 1st up a transcript of a discussion already happening on my mate’s forums…

Re: Faction-Change Service in the Works

MainTankadin says:

This is f’n awesome, finally we can all go back to Horde!!!!
since alliance is so ghey….

Gnomeaggedon responds:

Only when the Horde gets Gnomes….


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