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Alright, final installment (2 weeks down the track) of Blogday gifts, where I asked for:

Gnome weekend that was

I bore you with my weekends adventures… Now it’s your turn!

Go on, tell me. No topic is too big, or two small. Your level 12 Alt is just as important to me as your T8 raid slayer.

I got 3 responses to this question and one which while not on this topic, it was really a Gnomeshots, was told in such a way that I had to include it here instead… it wasn’t just GnomeShots, it was much much more… the March of the Wonder Gnomes…

Thanks to Larisa, Prelimar, theerivs and Cathy for giving me their “Gnome” weekend that was (more…)

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I know I bang on about it, but I want some more.

I’m messy by nature… I like to throw my clothes on the floor… the empty spaces of the floor, until there is no empty space left… then I choose another room to recarpet.

When I log on/off each Friday night, I usually only have time for a quick repair, Hi/Bye and it’s accept the summon or log off.

Every now and then I realize I am running out of space in the bank or my bags, so i do a bit of an offline inventory… work out what I can sell etc. (more…)

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