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I’m not the L2P kind of Gnome.

Neither am I the “here’s 10g see me in the morning” kind of Gnome.

I’m the “let me teach you tadpole” kind of Gnome… Generally…


I rolled a Gnome Dwarf Night Elf Human Draenei Shaman. I was inspired by Larisa‘s baby Druid and Ydraisa’s comment about leveling in innocence.

Ultimately I want a healer, but don’t want another Pally, Druid or Priest. So I rolled a Shaman. I tried every Alliance race combination, knowing full well there was no choice in the matter. I tried them twice, three times, then accepted my only “option” was Draenei (more…)

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I was chatting with Jong the other day… Yes, I have a golden bat phone that must be handled with asbestos gloves so I’m not burnt by his radiant awesomeness.. and somehow we got onto the subject of our (Australian) barbarian rugby players.

Something about how awesome us Aussies were, and how he was prepared to wipe half dozen times in his 1st encounter before he ripped his shirt off.

Ohh no that’s right, I referred to Australia as Oz and he wondered if folk from Oz referred to Oz as Oz.

My response was:

Yeah Aussies are inherently lazy and Oz is one less character that Aus, yet sounds the same.

He was surprised he hear we Aussies are (can be) lazy as his image of us is our barbarian rugby players (more…)

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