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Vael 03

Last week was Old World night and it was pretty much a flip of the coin… AQ40 or Black Wing Lair (BWL).  Thanks to Prelimar, we knew it wasn’t going to be a cake walk, so really it just came down to which we thought we could do before 1am when one of our Tanks had to log.  We chose BWL because one of our crew had done it the hard way, uphill both ways in the snow back at level 60… so someone knew which corner to turn and when (more…)

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Actually, I wonder if Blizzard reads any blogs.

I have to assume they do, I mean we are normal people with normal lives whose only investment is that we like to play the game.

I would expect at at least some of the hundreds, or is it thousands of Blizzard employees read more than the company policy manuals.

I wonder how I would react, and how long it would take me to recover if Ghost Crawler made a blue post on my blog (more…)

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