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Why do We (me) WoW?

BA topic de jour, a great question for many reasons and worth taking a step back and considering – it may keep you sane….

Why I play at all…

Back when I was young, it was practically socially acceptable (here in Oz anyway) to (binge) drink and drive – even if not legally acceptable.

Times have changed and “all my friends are getting married, yeah they’re all growing old. They all staying home on the weekends, they’re all doing what their told….(more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #1

OK, So I foolishly threw down my fur lined silk gauntlets yesterday and suggested Zupa, Larisa and I should form a mystical triangle (no pentagrams for us) and cast talents at each other.

I must point out that this isn’t intended as an extreme theorycrafting shootout, rather a reflection of why we love our specs and hopefully a light hearted analysis, piece by piece of our talent trees. So, no need to worry Larisa.

Diversion into each other’s trees in attempt to fill out our specs is of course essential – Zupa has cast the 1st salvo by picking one of those essentials, Elemental Precision. (more…)

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