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Looking for Tool: Mage gear comparison spreadsheet.

I have used a heap of Mage “DPS” tools, some religiously, others I have dabbled with yet found a unusable for some reason or another (not necessarily due to wrong info, or difficult UI, rather because I am using it at work.. and ummm flashing WoW graphics is a give away). So in the end I knocked up a spreadsheet that did what I wanted.. well nearly – it ain’t pretty, and it probably isn’t all that accurate, but it gives me a close enough idea to choose between 2 (or 3 or 4) items to make up a set of gear that I am happy with.

So what I am wondering is, is there anyone out there with the skill and desire to take my concept and clean it up and make it really useful to me… and to anyone else out there that is interested. (more…)

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