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Pugged Kara’s like a box of chocolates….

Nightbane down!

I know I have whinged and whined about Kara pugs before, well, I guess not so much about the quality of the puggerswe pick up, although generally there is a big gap between the damage done by the regulars and that done by the puggers. 

My biggest issue has always been that, with one 5-6 hour shot per week at Kara, the LF1-2-3M from 8.30 – 10.30 can be a real drag.  Usually if we do fill the party it is with badge gatherers hoping for a 1-shot run of the place in 3 hours, or the dregs of toondom, because we are about to give up.

Well this Friday, it looked like our luck had changed.  (more…)

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