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Clayton’s Post #6

Clayton’s Post #6

A Clayton’s Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

Scratching together stuff I have seen during the week… purely for Larisa‘s benefit… why have a feedreader when you have a Gnome?

OK, as I mentioned earlier, I had one of those “reboot PC, oohhh forgot to save that document” moments, so my Clayton’s post is very short & sweet this week.

Just 2 posts that made me laugh, both of which are also short and sweet.

Melted Faces brings us: Battlegrounding for Peace
I sort of wonder whether you could get away with AFK’ing in the starting tunnel in AV and use the excuse that you are trying to stop the war.

A Dwarf Priest brings us: “No Life” Achievement
If there is a “life achievement” then I think taking 2 months off WoW at the start of WoLK should put me in a good position.

Gnomer and Out!

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Man Cold

OK, I have been under the pump, so I don’t think I will get around to my usual Clayton’s Post today.  We wont even mention that I lost my notes in an unfortunate PC rebooting incident.

Anyway, here is a completely-non-WoW-related video that a mate put me onto (after discussing how everyone in my house is down with colds).

Gents: Please enjoy it

Ladies: Mmm sorry…. I do care… I am caring…

Gnomer and Out!

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Do movies count?

Just One Anna has asked about books and how many we have read.

Of course, being the bad student I was, I saw a lot of them in the cinema, on video, at the theatre, or just plain old TV.

So here’s my list with additional notes. (more…)

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Ask da Nome a Kwestion

Yay!  My first email question!

This is from Matt:

I just started playing WOW a few months ago.

I rolled a Gnome mage (fire spec) immediately.  Honestly, I love it, but I am getting a little concerned about the supposed “nerfing” of mages and that it’s not getting any better in WOLK.

Currently my Gnome mage is level 62 and should be 70 soon.

Here’s my question:  is all the “hype” I hear about Warlocks getting more powerful and Mages getting more “nerfed” accurate?

I’ve started a gnome-warlock as a back-up, but prefer my mage.

Thanks for the great blog and any advice/suggestions.

So let’s take this step by step:

I just started playing WOW a few months ago.
I rolled a Gnome mage (fire spec) immediately.

Excellent choice on all 3 counts.  Gnome + Mage + Fire = Awesome! (more…)

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Thanks a ton!

Thanks a ton!

In cricketing terms, I just knocked up a ton.

In non cricketing terms, this is post 100, which blows me away.

Must say I have been loving it and the folk that I have met over the last 100 posts.  I received my 1st email request for help today, which I will get to very soon.

I even received my 3rd mention on Twisted Nether this week in as many weeks (although this one is a bit more obscure, and you will have to wait to see how it pans out).

I will continue to bring you reading with big balls of fire, although I will ‘fess up that as Zupa has eluded to, I am going to play around with some big balls of snow leading up to WoLK. (more…)

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Subcreation back!

So just a little while back we hear Subcreation is gone.

Today while reading the post that I first head the news in Subcreation down, Alcaras pulled the plug I read a response from alcaras saying it’s back up again!

Mages rejoice!

Thank you alcaras!

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Twinking your level 19 Warlock: Part 5. Twink Spells

<< Part 4. Enchanting your Twink

In this section I will briefly discuss the “few” spells at the disposal of a young Warlock Twink. If you were to level past 20, there would be many more options available to you, including pets, but if you are reading this, you have decided you want the challenge of limiting your game-given skills and heightening your real-life skills.

I have broken the spells down into 3 groups, Offensive, Defensive/Utility & Pet Summons. (more…)

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Well Alltop has already come through with a beauty for me.

I saw this topic from a couple in azeroth: Coolest. WoW Forum Post. Ever.

And I must say, that as a father of a little one, yes it is the coolest WoW Forum Post. Ever.

And it’s a Mage post to boot!

Here it is if you want to go straight there (it’s a long thread.. but the 1st post nails it):

Mage Guide to takng Down Beach Murlocs

Gnomer & Out!

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How to spot price poisoning (and what to do about it)

RockSlice (Core Developer) for Auctioneer has some handy information on how to spot price poisoning (and what to do about it).


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When RL and WoW collide…

When RL and WoW collide…

I got an invite today to Murmur…. no not the one in Shadow Labyrinth, at a cafe called Murmur for a farewell.

Still for a little while there, I was wondering which gear set I should take, whether the group was going to be up to it etc…

Sorry… just had to share that with you…

Gnomer and Out!

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