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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #2


OK, I’m still nursing my wounds from Zupa‘s Ice Shards, sneaky frost wielding undead guy, jumping a tier… I didn’t see that coming!

So I am going to step back to full range, and start with Larisa‘s Arcance Subtlety.

To be honest with my 10/48/3 (or Arcane 10, Fire 48, Frost 3 who haven’t caught up with the shorthand) Classic Fire Raiding Spec I am done with Frost. There is another Fire Raiding Spec out there, commonly referred to as the Icy Veins Spec (2/48/11). The thing with this spec is it really doesn’t come into play until you are over 1,100 + damage. OK, so I am, but I’m old (ok maybe not that old), and have stuck with the Classic spec. Remember you can always compare standard Spec’s at Theorycraft-o-Matic by Lhivera.

However I am just beginning with Arcane. (more…)

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