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Will dance for raid.

This post is a quicky… In response to Snake in the Grass’ post Let’s talk about the LFG system, pugging and sex baby.  I was going to write a comment, then realised how big the comment was becoming.

The more I blog, the more I see parallels with my situation.  I read on someone’s blog yesterday how much better they feel now that they realise that most of the bloggers out there aren’t high end raiders, rather people trying to pug their way through Kara, or daily their way through epic flying mounts. (more…)

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Ok this started off in my mind as a response to a few PvP/BG posts going around about how to win/not loose BG’s, and the primary message coming out was about communications.

So I am going to start this off today with a couple of tips, and finish up tomorrow on a mod that I find useful for knocking out BG warnings etc on the fly (for those times when you already have 9 fingers on the keyboard, and you only have one more to issue the warning).

I guess my fundamental thought is, if you are loosing, and not doing any communication yourself, then for all intents and purposes you are the reason the team is loosing… (more…)

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