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Got ’em… but what now?

So I spent the 1st part of my Friday night running arround grabbing my Merciless shoulders, Gladiator’s gloves and PvP trinket.

It should have been a quick process, but I swear every vendor was offering the gear for the wrong reasons… Arena points, Token hand ins, BG tokens… (more…)

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Gnomes: Pro’s & Con’s

Gnomeaggedon is a Gnome – No Surprises there!

Why did I pick a Gnome?

For 2 reasons.

  1. I wanted to be a member of a “concept” guild of a friend’s called Little League.
  2. I had tried a (male) Human Mage, and, quite simply I couldn’t stand the way he ran. I didn’t want to to watch him for 60… 70… (soon) 80 levels.

Anyway, here’s the Pro’s & Con’s of playing a Gnome Mage (or any ranged Gnome). (more…)

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Just a quickly while my little boy drinks his morning milk in front of the TV.

Have you caught up with spelldamage.com yet?

A site for Mage, Warlock, & Priest theorycrafting, with some nice online tools as well as blog topics.

Anyway, if you want to compare you Mage/Warlock/Priest wth my little Gnome, follow this link (my bits are filled in).

Gnomer and Out!

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Guild hopping & Gruul slaying

Hey folks,

Well tonight was a funny night, jumped on to cruise with my 6 friends through whatever comes (Kara or ZA), but we had lost one (new Dad) to other commitments, so without realising it, each of us headed off on different “quests”.

I was bumming about, when I got a pst from my old Guild leader (Malleo). Now if you were to check out my guild history, you would probably shy away from inviting me to your guild – especially my recent guild history. I think I have been in 3 or 4 different guilds in the last few weeks. But I guess I should put that in perspective… (more…)

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This happened a while back, but I thought I would share it anyway.  My group of 6 mates plus a few pugs were doing Kara as our usual Friday night entertainment, when we got to the Opera Event.

The perfromance scheduled for the night was Big Bad Wolf… no worries, done it a heap of times before, there are always a few casualties, but the wolf always meets his maker.

Run little Gnome, run…

So it begins, everyone is slicing, dicing and blasting the big furbal with teeth (or is that the furball with big teeth).  The fireballs had been brewing in me all night, and I was letting rip when I see flashing on the screen “YOU ARE RED RIDING HOOD” joined by the screams over TS of Run little Gnome, run…

That’s one of the reasons I hate this fight (more…)

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Life is Cheap #2

Gnomeaggedon’s 2nd installment in half-baked PvP strategies and thoughts.

I mentioned I have been playing a bit of BGs lately, so I thought I would share some of my suicide techniques with you.

Note, generally I hit the BGs in my classic Fire Raiding spec 10/48/3.. not worth changing generally, so my survivability is at best weak. (more…)

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Life is Cheap #1

Gnomeaggedon’s 1st installment in half-baked PvP strategies and thoughts.

I sometimes think that PvP is the worst thing for my PvE “progression”.
– Not because of low Spell Hit gear
– Not because I forget to respec out of my PvP Spec

No the problem is I welcome death in PvP, I become a Suicide Mage… OK, maybe I want to live, but in BGs death can be a relief. (more…)

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