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New use for combustion + scorch

Two Words:

Hot Streak

We ran Kara and ZA the other night, purely for the let’s do kara & ZA one more time (and while we are at it, grab the ZA Achievement).

Was I the king of DPS… hardly, things drop too fast for a Fireball to charge let alone land. (more…)


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Firestarter: Every Pyromaniac’s Dream

Firestarter: Every Pyromaniac’s Dream

That song gives me a rush, and so does the Firestarter talent.

It’s awesome! (more…)

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Wolk and EoD Fire Mage Specs

WoLK and Echoes of Doom Fire Mage Specs

I wish I could personally tell you the best way to go, but to be honest, I have just created a dinky spec to pass the time before my return from India.. Fundamentally I took all the talents that I thought might be a bit of fun for a change.

The biggest issue I have is remembering to use them!  My fingers are still straying to the same old buttons…

Living Bomb… I got it… remember to use it… lol yeah right…

Anyway, in lieu of any advice I can offer, which would probably be dodgy anyway, I will offer you a link.

I have seen this come up a few times on other blogs, so had a look myself, and the link below is directly to raid Fire Mage Raid specs… but you can change it to whatever you want.

basically what you are getting here is the popular choices… correct, maybe not, but if weight of numbers can be counted for anything, these are the best specs.

Gnomer and Out!

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire: final TBC

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #6

So Larisa is OOM, last Arcane Blast thrown, bouncing about as only a Gnome can watching the pretty lights (scrolling combat text) that Arcane Explosion provides.

Yet, she is smelling something in the wind, is that sulphur, is that the smell of an incoming fire spec?

TBC talents come to an end tomorrow, one last chance to enjoy your old talent tree. Tomorrow brings a new day, WoLK trees and all the wonders or nerfs they can bring.

So the battle draws to an end, the time that a fire spec really shines, the last 20% of the fight us when a Fire Mage brings the numbers that the Frost and Arcane Mages were gloating about in the 1st 30 seconds of the fight. (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #6

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #5

Ducking and Weaving – Fire #6


Let me say that again, Pyroblast!

OK, one more time with feeling, Pyroblast! (more…)

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Ducking and Weaving – Fire #3

<< Ducking and Weaving – Fire #2

Geeezzz, all the mages are coming out to play… in an all start line up it’s Frost and Arcane mages against the Fire Mages… hang on that’s Fire Mage singular…

Where are all the Fire Mages?

As I said over at Automagica!

I actually had this vision last night, like in the movies, where the hero is standing in the smokey blasted out building, with hundreds of enemies rushing in at them.

Me (the hero of course…) firing of blasts left right and centre… everyone connecting for an instant death of course…
You guys (the nasty villains) coming in waves – and not one (or maybe the occasional one) of you blasts hitting me…

And then… < click >… < click >… uuuhhhh Ohhhh. /OOM

Then I wake momentarily, roll over and enter my fitful dreamstate again. (more…)

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Into TwistedNether?

Not Reading Frost is the New Black?

If for some reason you are reading my blog but NOT Krizzy’s, then get over there and have a look at the latest post.

Awesome idea’s there for TwistedNether Talents..

What are you waiting for?

Gnomer and Out!

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