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Interface from hell

I have the interface from hell.

Years of choosing and discarding mods until I have the functionality I desire have left my screen cluttered and confusing.

This is the real reason I play a Gnome, at least I can see a little bit of WoW real estate.

Back in the days when I toyed with complete interfaces they were fraught with hours of configuration and incompatible addons. By the time I would get it barely functioning a new WoW patch would come out and I was back to square one.

I know things have improved, but I have never found the time to research, download and configure one, for one character, let alone the half dozen I check up on from time to time.

So I am putting out the call to my readers. (more…)

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What cheeses me off

What cheeses me off

There is one thing about patches that really cheeses me off.

  • It’s not that we get new content buffs or nerfs – that’s what the patch is about right?
  • It’s not that “our” mods are broken, what do you expect when the software that they interact with has been radically changed, and the addon developers are writing their mods in their spare time and releasing them to the public out of the goodness of their hearts.

No the thing that cheeses me off is the “9,990,000” ungrateful players of WoW. The ones that aren’t happy that things have changed. This is revealed in a few different forms.

  • Bring back classic WoW (soon to be augmented by the bring back TBC whingers.
  • The my mod is broken whingers.
  • The I want the old mod whingers.


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Hey Folks,

Any hair left on your heads (and no I am not talking about the mandatory trip to the ingame Barber)?

As would be expected with any WoW “patch” this size, addons are continuing to break and evolve as those breakages are being reported to the Addon authors, so…

Stick with it, chin up and all that stuff

Report the errors you see so that things can get fixed

OK, now more specifically to Auctioneer.

Error Reporting

One of the nice things about Auctioneer is it’s error reporting frame, which nicely captures errors which may (or may not be) related to Auctioneer. (more…)

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WoWAceUpdater is Dead, Long Live CurseClient

WoWAceUpdater is Dead, Long Live CurseClient

Rest In Peace: files.wowace and WowAceUpdater

Posted by Kaelten on 10/15/2008 04:43:01

So WoWAce lovers may not realise (despite WoWAceUpdater not doing anything) that WoWAce has now bitten the dust. This was fortold some time ago, but WoWAce and it’s updater were supported until the CurseClient was remodelled and improved. (more…)

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Can you help Auctioneer, help you make money?

If you don’t follow the Auctioneer forums, you will probably have missed the request from Nechckn for copies of your Auctioneer Advanced “config” (lua) files.

Their goal:

The idea being that they will look at what everyone is doing and try to create
a) The best default configuration – so people can install and use AA “out of the box”, and
b) Help them write up the some documentation.

Can you help? (more…)

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Gnome Goggles on: Alar BG Helper

OK, Mod time, really a follow on from yesterday’s post.

I am not going to write much, just point you in the right direction.

There is a great mod called AlarBGHelper.  If provides different windows based on the battleground, with 1 click comms. (more…)

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Ever wondered how much your toon is worth?
No I don’t mean on Ebay, I mean if you could clear your bags right now, on the AH, at the vendor etc, and add it to the gold already in your bag, how much would you be worth? (more…)

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Gnome Googles on: Talented

  • Play a hybrid and find yourself constantly need to respec?
  • Play a tank or healer and need to respec to grind?
  • PvE one moment, PvP the next?
  • Just experimenting?

Let’s face it, changing talent specs is a pain in the talent trainer Thinking & Clicking… Thinking & Clicking… damn wrong talent… unlearn, pay up the gold, start again… Thinking & Clicking…

So what if there was a way you could plan out your spec on your favorite talent calculator, import the spec into the game, save it for later use and then One-Click apply the spec while you run off and make that pot of coffee for the long night ahead? (more…)

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