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I pity…

I pity…

I pity people that sell Heavy Netherweave Bandages at the Auction House.

A while back a friend asked me to make up some high level tailored items then DE them for him. He has excessive amounts of netherweave and wanted to make some money off it. I put him straight, immediately. It’s not worth the effort. Just make Heavy Netherweave bandages and sell the to a vendor – 6g, straight up, no screwing around, no AH deposits or feed – Easy! (more…)

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Family & Friends – You Profit, I Profit

  • I don’t care much about the new Family & Friends option.
  • I don’t multi-box (need to buy another PC for that)
  • I don’t have family or friends (that don’t already play)
  • I don’t want a new mount (OK, I do, but it’s the Gyrocopter)
  • I don’t want to support the RL Gold Sellers (Blizzard in this instance)

I don’t want to profit from other people’s profit!

Hang on… You profit, I profit. Win – Win?

Yeah OK… (more…)

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I mentioned back in my initial request Can you help Auctioneer, help you make money? that I thought they were asking for some assistance other than your lua files.

Well, I guess I am just a short ol’ Gnome, cause if I could reach the mouse, i would have scrolled down a little further in the post I quoted, and have seen the reference to this post/request.

[Sticky] Auctioneer Advanced 5.x (Beta-Builds) (more…)

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Can you help Auctioneer, help you make money?

If you don’t follow the Auctioneer forums, you will probably have missed the request from Nechckn for copies of your Auctioneer Advanced “config” (lua) files.

Their goal:

The idea being that they will look at what everyone is doing and try to create
a) The best default configuration – so people can install and use AA “out of the box”, and
b) Help them write up the some documentation.

Can you help? (more…)

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<< Part 2. Guiding your twink around the world.

OK, folks, the next installment in the “Twinking your level 19 Warlock” guides.

Not much point in holding your toon back to level 19 if you don’t have the gear to make the difference, so here is a list of potential twink gear.  It is listed (from memory) in a general best -> “worst” order, but you can make the final decisions on what you want your twink to wear.

This list gets two lives.

  1. Use it to outfit your twink.
  2. Use it to buy these items cheap off the Auction House and sell the items for a premium price.

With no further adieu: (more…)

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Pre-WoLK Currency

OK, so my post on When is enough, enough? got me wondering.
If our gear is going to be redundant 1 hour after the release of WoLK, then where is the future value of “stock” that can be squirrelled away waiting for the release. (more…)

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Ever wondered how much your toon is worth?
No I don’t mean on Ebay, I mean if you could clear your bags right now, on the AH, at the vendor etc, and add it to the gold already in your bag, how much would you be worth? (more…)

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With my limited contiguous in-game time, I have found that the easiest/most efficient way for me to grind for mats & cash is to grind the Auction House (AH).

Probably 3 to 4 days a week, while doing household chores, I do a scan of the AH, the let Auctioneer’s bottom scanner call out to me (where ever I am in the house) when it finds a potential bargain.

Even though I have a fair grasp in the AH, I still have a lot to learn.  My cash on hand is rarely more than 5,000, with potential 5,000 of sales in my bags or on the AH.  Unfortunately I spend it as fast, if not faster than I pull it in (Mind you… what is the point of having more if it isn’t being used.. maybe 5,000 is the right balancing point).

Anyway, I will discuss mods & techniques in other posts, for now I want to point you to some resources I use. (more…)

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