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Apparently, Gnomer had a bit of a hectic weekend, and was unable to get a “monday” post under his belt.  But never fear!  Krizzlybear is here!  I actually promised him via twitter that I would fill in for one of his posts.

Just a stipulation though.  I am unable to talk about anything frost.  That’s quite a tall order, since I am in love with the tree.

If you’re a fan of this blog, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gnomeaggedon, Larísa, and I have a very civil, yet quite exciting rivalry going on between gnomish mages.  A battle of the specs, if you will.  And with every new patch, and every new change that comes to our class, the battle ebbs back and forth like the tides on a beach.  With patch 3.3, all three specs received some pretty awesome changes and buffs, in both PvE and PvP.  If at all, I look forward to the ensuing battle.

But let’s leave that for another day.  Gnomer was busy this weekend, and as a diplomatic frostie, I will perform an act of kindness and bail him out today by writing this post.  And what else could be more adequate to talk about than the new LFG system?

Looking For Awesome

The other day, my mage, Bashertin not only received the title of “the Patient” but also the perky pug pet (more…)

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northrend bound


Very little, but well.

  • Hellfire Peninsula (explored 8/18, quests: 19/80)
  • Zangarmarsh (explored 16/18, quests: 22/54)
  • Terrokar Forest (explored 9/21, quests: 14/63)

and that’s it!

It’s not like I was comprehensive in my exploration or questing either.

No question I am lacking the goods:

  • Gear (Average iLevel: 85.91)
  • Skinning 333 / 375
  • Cooking 100?
  • Fishing: 150?
  • Herbalism 219 / 300
  • Experience (Apparently I have done 43 instances vs 127 battlegrounds)

Now I am going to be stretched through Azeroth, Outland and Northrend while I bring everything up to speed

Stopping at 1%


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Zupa asked if things are as bad as they sound (or I write anyway). InspiredOgre had a bit of a dig at me about my QQ.

I even suggested that I was Q’ing to the power of Q, or as Rip would say, Qubed!

So I will turn it over to the people.

How you you rate WoLK?

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being QQ and 5 being FTW!)


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I remember Bre saying in a past Twisted Nether Blogcast that you should really do yourself a favor and take a turtle ride from the Borean Tundra. Larisa recently reinforced this.

So, I decided I would take the trip.

Now, what’s that old saying….

Curiosity killed the Gnome!


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Have I forgotten something?

I know, I know…

Hurry up and level!

But after sooooo long level capped, there is this little niggling voice in the back of my head saying:

“Stay away from 71”

The only thing I can think of is that once I hit 71 all the old BG’s are out of the question for a while.

Is there something else that I must do before I hit 71, or should I just sit back, put the peddle to the metal and just “level damn it!”?

Actually speaking of things I know I have forgotten… (more…)

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Did I say I was weak willed?

OffWeGo.jpg (more…)

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Yep, that’s me. A weak willed Gnome.

I swore I would not go out and buy WoLK immediately. I swore I wouldn’t play on the night of my return.

But, yes I played last night.
Yes I went out and bought the expansion and installed it today.

Will I venture to Northrend tonight?

Let’s just see how weak willed I am.

Now all I need is a new spec and a new interface that will let me enjoy the fiery doom I intend to bring with me on the ship from Stormwind.

Gnomer and Out!

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How is the rush to 80 going?

I’m excited!!!

Being a Queenslander and a fan of tropical shirts please excuse my ‘Big Kev‘ quote (rest his tidy soul) but I find no other words for how I feel about playing through my first expansion pack whilst its new and fresh to everyone.

My orc warlock had hung up his soul shard bag long before BC came out so I have never seen one of these.


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Merry WoLK and Happy New Gear

Merry WoLK and Happy New Gear

Deck the halls with peacebloom.

Enjoy your vats of dark rumsy ale.

I have landed in the hot horde filled lands of India and you have returned from your midnight releases with your Santa sack over your shoulder containing a pretty new toy.

I just want to wish you all the best for your questing, grinding, crafting and raiding.

May Northrend bring you everything that one could wish from this festive season, including peace on Azeroth. (more…)

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What’s the rush to Northrend?

What’s the rush to Northrend?

You know another side effect of the achievement system is it is making me take a good hard look at what I haven’t done in game.

It has made me think about all the games I have played in the past, the ones where I have seen 60% off the content and either become stuck (and frustrated to the point of turning the PC off in disgust), or that were losing their appeal for one reason or another, then got uninstalled while the shrink-wrapping came off some shiny new monster covered game box. (more…)

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