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When I started blogging, I did so for one simple reason

There are no Mage blogs, therefore I must blog.

I soon realised the error of my ways, it was more like

I can see no Mage blogs, therefore there are none.

This of course wasn’t quite true.

I had found the burned out husks of Mage blogs, some of which I think must have been special in their arcane moment of glory, now reduced to ashes (more…)

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Do you ever revisit previous content?

Not in the sense of best of 2010, best of Expansion X, not even visiting the content you may have missed.

No I mean, do you ever go back to the zone (or part of the zone) you just completed?

Until WoLK there was absolutely no value in returning to areas you had comprehensively completed.

WoLK and it’s limited phasing introduced this to some extent, flight masters and vendors would appear where previously there were none.

Wrathgate ensured we could forever hear the screams of the burning fallen and their tormented souls.

Apart from that, I don’t ever remember a reason to return to a zone, to observe MY heroic impact on that zone.

Let’s face it, unless you had a damn good reason (like you are a gatherer) why would you.

You completed the quests, got the achievement, you are done, there are better loots in the next zone, more story lines to ignore, raids to be prepared for.

Gnomes don’t blink backwards.

Ok, sure, 6 years down the track we can still blink and stay in the same place, which given the right conditions feels like I have gone backwards, but I digress (as usual).

As much as I have been at pains to read the quest text, follow the stories and develop that hero that we all know Gnomeaggedon is.

There have been weird moments, like doing The Throne of the Tides and not understanding the significance of the squid head, only to complete the zone and do a big…

Ahhh now I get it!

But, for all my care, Gnomeaggedon always moved forward, never looking back and what he had wrought (more…)

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Level of difficulty

I got a couple of great entries for this part of the contest. I also got a running commentary from Prelimar about the difficulties of capturing Locks.

I don’t think he had problems capturing them, just screen-shotting them, particularly in Wintergrasp where the little buggers run in packs.

Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest and Eye of the Storm aren’t particularly screenshot friendly zones either. To be honest it’s rarely a PvP zone, with many an AV flashing by with Drek being the only encounter and as for those docks…. However, if you do manage to find someone to beat down they have mates who may disagree with your desire to “pacify, tag and release”.

Our winner says:

I did mine during Battlegrounds.  It was tough though.  Not every BG had a lock on the other team hehehe.

AV was a nightmare as both sides were fighting in the road and often times I’d have a rogue or warrior on me while trying to cyclone a lock and get a pic.  I’m traumatized to say the least and gave up a few branches on this task for sure.  Unfortunately I didn’t get rid of my tool bars, too much pressure while I’m getting pummeled and doing screenies.

Taking it to a new level

So as the level of difficulty is already established for this task at a high level. One would expect at best one frenzied, blurry screenshot of a lonely Lock.

Yet the winner came out of this with 4 screenshots, a price on her head and a wanted poster as proof of her ability to subdue Locks when they should be at their most powerful.

The irony for me in this is, that while Locks are putting a price on her head to stop the CC, I’d be putting a price on her head to join the campaign for Lock rehabilitation.

Unfortunately the winner isn’t a Mage… Well she is a Mage, or was a Mage, but like many Mages is experimenting with something a little different… A Druid.

Some might suggest that Druids are Priests of Nature… Personally I like to think of them as Bush Mages… There is definitely a bit of Arcane in them.

The clincher about this entry for me is in the last pane. While the Blueberry is humorous, it’s the name in big red letters that caught my eye immediately (more…)

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  • I have consulted the Oracles (well, my Oracle pup at least).
  • I’ve tossed the Warlock bones (some just can’t be saved OK… I’m a great believer in “waste not, want not”, so I have a side business flogging wards of protection from Locks to desperate, but dim witted Warriors).
  • I’ve read and reread the entries and I am unhappy to say that the winner isn’t a Gnome!

However, while this race my not be playable for a few months yet, I can see that they have the makings of great Wizards.

So, without further ado, the winner of The Footsteps of Illidan loot code is…

Actually… Twisted Nether Blogcast live as this post goes live (8pm).. so you could go listen to that right…?


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Save a Soul TODAY!

I have shown you my Lock, now show me yours!

Yeah folks, that’s right, there is little time left if you want to get your hands on one of the two cards up for grabs.

At this very moment in time, your entry could easily be a winner… but only if you get it to be before the 18th of May.. this Tuesday!

I haven’t checked in with the Warlocks to see their Mage kill count, but I’d hate them to win this with a few little do

Twisted Nether Blogcast has moved it’s Live recording to Tuesday nights, the 1st show… Tuesday 18th of May.

Unfortunately this time coincides with my Wednesday working day, but if you get your entries to be before the show starts, I will (try to) drop a line to Fim and maybe your win can get squeezed onto the show.

The prizes:

for Best Screenshot of you turning Warlocks into Non-Combat pets, is Papa Hummel’s Old Fashioned Pet Biscuits

For best 10 step program, is The Footsteps of Illidan (Yeah, take that Locks… here’s you pin-up used to sell our 10 step program!)

Sheep’em, Shoot’em or Rehab’em

At the end of the day I don’t care how you get them back on the right path… just don’t wait too long, or I will have to give the cards back!

Gnomer and Out!

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Gnomeaggedon notices parcel under tree…. mmmm where did that come from?

Whoooo Hooo… it’s my Secret Santa!

I can’t wait to unwrap this and….. Ohhh Noes…. that’s what happens when a Plate wearing Paladin goes Cloth Destructo-Mage!

hehehhehe… I love it….

I love the post, and I love the end result!

Thank you Ophie the Bossy Pally, but maybe not a Mage!

This is the best Secret Santa I could have wished for…

Without further ado…


For Christmas, All I Want is to be a Gnome Mage, a Guest Post by Ophie the Bossy Pally

When I found out I was going to be writing a little something for Gnomeaggedon for Christmas, I was super thrilled! I’ve always wanted to slip into the mind of a fire ball casting, face melting, dream destroying, and absolutely huggable little gnome. The master himself was away, dropping off gifts for his friends and attending Jong and Megan’s crazy parties, so I had to go to my alt bin to find a mage capable of providing such an experience. I found her in Ironforge, nurturing her dreams of becoming the bestest of all firey mages.

“Come little mage!” I told her. “Let us be epic and run heroics!”

Slipping into the mind of my little bundle of deadly power, I brought her to Icecrown Citadel. We had to go around the back to find what we were looking for. Forge of Souls, it is called. I was excited. As a paladin, I’ve never had more than 2 or 3 spells before! I wasn’t sure of which buttons to press, so I tried them all. I took a screenshot of my efforts.

Ok, maybe the learning curve is a bit too steep for me. Maybe PvE just isn’t my thing. After all, I’m all about the face melting. PvP is where it’s at. Besides, with my amazing timing skills on my side, it’s almost time for Wintergrasp! You silly hordies better look out! I’m on my way!


Well, my adventures in PvP can be summed in one picture.

Alright, I’ll admit defeat. This maging thing is tougher than I bargained for. You can’t just mind control a mage and expect to insta-win without some skill. I still have some time left, though, so I might as well put her to good use and run some dailies.

I give up. From now on, I’ll leave face melting to the masters. I’ll have my plate and my shield back, please. But…um…now I sort of feel bad for all the times I’ve been impatient about my food. Or been too pushy about a port. The good mages make it look so easy, but what I’ve learned from my afternoon as a wannabe deadly killer is that those good mages are worthy of quite a bit of respect.

I raise my helm to Gnome and to all the mages out there who, unlike me, spend more time alive than dead.

Happy holidays to Gnomeaggedon and to all Armaggedon’s Coming readers!

With /hugs, Ophie the pally-not-mage.


How awesome was that!

Just a couple of minor points of clarification…

I was attending Jong’s and Megan’s crazy panties… not parties 😉

“I raise my helm to Gnome and to all the mages out there who, unlike me, spend more time alive than dead.”

Well, I wont speak for the rest of them, but I spend a lot of my time dead…. it’s just a case of learning to live with it.  I remember the one and only Pally I rolled got shelved at level 10 because it didn’t die… where’s the fun in that?

For an idea of the Miss Saresa’s Secret Santa posts that are yet to come, checkout the thread at Blog Azeroth.

Better yet, to get an idea of what has already been written, check out the post at Twisted Nether!

Miss Saresa’s Secret Santa (aka Blog Azeroth Kris Kringle)

Gnomer and Out, Ophie and Awesome!

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‘s Up!

No Not What’s up? (how could you not know?)

It’s Up!

The Twisted Gnomer Blogcast!

Yep, ummm me, my Aussie drawl and aweful sound… Fim did a good job, but nothing will every fix my voice…

Ohh Gawd I hate my (recorded) voice… but hey, there were a couple in the chat room that thought it was kind of sexy…

Anyways, go check it out!

NOW! (download)

NOW! (iTunes)

NOW! (Zune)

Gnomer and Out, Squidly and Stout!


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OMG, I know people say it is fun being on Twisted Nether Blogcast, but you don’t know until you go!

Let me just tell you.. it was awesome!

The Twisted Gnomer Blogcast!


If you don’t believe me, ask my recycle bin!

Thanks for all all those that came… wayyyyyy to many to mention (especially after filling the bin) (more…)

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Cos I’m
T.N.B. – I’m Dynamite
T.N.B. – And I’ll win the fight
T.N.B. – I’m a power-load
T.N.B. – Watch me Explode
OK, Maybe I should leave that stuff for Megan
It’s up for your listening pleasure!
But make sure you see the youtube videos to get you in the mood 1st

Holy Worg Poo BatGnome!

Jong bubbled and hearthed his way through Twisted Nether Blogcast last week (of course he didn’t run in fear).

Which leaves this hot little Gnome the opportunity to port into his still warm seat…

I hope I don’t get pregnant… I have heard of people getting pregnant from sharing seats…

What?  Boys don’t get pregnant?  Tell that to Arnie!

Yep, the big balls of fire will be thrown, the totems dropped and an unstoppable stream of inane Dad jokes will spew forth from my lips (more…)

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Dear Fim & Bre,

It is Fim and Bre right?

Not an Orc in Fim’s clothes or a lock in Hunter’s leathers?

Anyway long time ListeNether, 1st time NetherWriter. Thought I would drop you a line.

Sorry I didn’t port in “Gnome”, but while your recording time is a nice casual midday Saturday down here in the depths of Gnomeregan (otherwise known as Melbourne, Australia) you conflict with my primary raid crew – my family.

Unfortunately Gnome Junior would want to do all the talking, and Mrs Gnomeaggedon would be using her epic mace to destroy her end game raid boss – my PC.

So the best you are going to get from me is a message in a Mage’s Nether bottle.

Blah, blah, blah….

Ever noticed now much Gnomes talk, on and on and on and on and ….

I was thinking today, that when I started blogging about 10 months ago, I did so because there were no Mage blogs out there…

None, absolutely none. (more…)

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