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Gnomeadeaden leveled at Unholy, with a side of Blood when I was taking too much punishment.

Gnomeaggedon was Fire, only Fire. PvE – Fire, PvP – Fire.

Gnomeadeaden has never been good at either spec, but being the hero class, it really didn’t matter too much. So slowly my fingers learnt which buttons to press independent of thought and sight.

Of course, just as I was getting the hang of it, I swapped Unholy for Frost.

Frost and Blood are great for PvP. Blood is great as you can hold a node, or tank a Battleground boss for a long time without healers. You may not do much damage, but you are damn hard to kill… while you are alive, no one is touching that flag.

Frost on the other hand is great for stopping and killing. Chains of Ice don’t just snare, but also trap. Hungering Cold will Iceblock a bunch of folks, giving you time to pick your target, or a chance for your flag carrier to get away.

I think this guy disapproves of many people at the PvP vendors

If only I could remember the keybinds! (more…)

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It all started when I was bored in Dalaran, my finger hovered over the ESC key, preparing to log off. Something that has become remarkably easy since the RealID stupidity.

Just as I pressed the ESC key and the system menu popped up, I noticed someone

LFM Tempest Keep.

I thought to myself

Why not?

Invites out, summons accepted, in we went.

Buff time

We engage in the usual start of raid ritual of buffing. No one is bothering with fish feasts or flasks – it’s a level 70 raid and it’s filled with 80’s.

A quick glance at my raid UI shows there’s one other Mage in the raid, so I automatically select them and plant a big fat Focus Magic on them.

My Focus Magic is accompanied with my usual pithy macro:

Focus Magic on you, bring on the crits!

Then I stumble.

Rather than the usual automated “thanks for FM” message, I get (more…)

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I think I’m a little delirious, because you know, the title of this post probably has nothing to do with the contents of the post..

let me check…

Ummm no, not really, err, maybe kinda.

No Yankees, but there is some Fire Mage Talent commentary

** WTF! **

So, how ’bout that new 31 point talent tree?

Is the question I got asked, to which I responded…

31 point talent tree?

Yeah, a Gnome with his finger on the pulse… wrong pulse, but there is a pulse there somewhere and a vein, maybe just give me another dozen attempts to jab that needle in…

So what’s the best way for me to approach this… yeah leave it to someone else…

Celeglin writes:

So, how ’bout that new 31 point talent tree? Can’t wait to see your write up (more…)

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I got asked a doozy of a question by Lytha about Resto Shaman PvP specs.

It’s a doozy because I don’t have a simple answer right now, but since when has ignorance ever stopped me posting a “guide”?

Maybe if Jagerbombz was still writing Shaman stuff he could fill us in.  Maybe one of the other Resto bloggers out there will know.  Maybe the answer is in your head.

I sort of figure that there is a bucket load of knowledge out there amongst the 12 million (12,000,000 seems bigger doesn’t it?) WoW players and someone will have a definitive answer.

Meanwhile I am always open to speculation, shooting my damn fool mouth off and near enough is good enough (the kind of thinking that has made our once great nation Australia).

The way I see it there are two different styles of BGs, which could (ie: don’t need to, but could) support two different spec styles. (more…)

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See I am still here!

Karch has been doing a great job answering his readers questions (why don’t I get questions? Oh yeah, I had one about whether you should stay Fire spec back in TBC. Apart from that they are just questions about help getting $millions out of Nigeria)

Anyway he had one the other day about how to fix low DPS, which prompted me to respond asking when do you know if your DPS is too low and does it really matter.

Now admittedly if you are only doing 1,000 DPS and you aren’t doing burning crusade content at level 70, then your DPS is too low.

I have seen on various forums that numbers such as 1,200 – 1,400 is acceptable for starting heroics and 1,400 to 1,600 is acceptable for starting Naxx (more…)

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Dear WordPress… Stop eating my posts!

Why can’t you handle an interruption caused by a phone call? You app is designed to run on an iPhone?

Why do you tell me you recovered the post, let me save and finish the post… Yet when I open it again, there is nothing but a blank page!

Here we go again…

I have a dirty dual spec secret… (more…)

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Invisibility… 5… 4… 3…. 2… 1… Hey what was I doing for the last 2 seconds?

I forget that our spells have changed.

I keep hitting Invisibility then waiting 5 seconds before breaking it to DPS again…

Doh! Lost DPS time!


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New use for combustion + scorch

Two Words:

Hot Streak

We ran Kara and ZA the other night, purely for the let’s do kara & ZA one more time (and while we are at it, grab the ZA Achievement).

Was I the king of DPS… hardly, things drop too fast for a Fireball to charge let alone land. (more…)

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Firestarter: Every Pyromaniac’s Dream

Firestarter: Every Pyromaniac’s Dream

That song gives me a rush, and so does the Firestarter talent.

It’s awesome! (more…)

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Wolk and EoD Fire Mage Specs

WoLK and Echoes of Doom Fire Mage Specs

I wish I could personally tell you the best way to go, but to be honest, I have just created a dinky spec to pass the time before my return from India.. Fundamentally I took all the talents that I thought might be a bit of fun for a change.

The biggest issue I have is remembering to use them!  My fingers are still straying to the same old buttons…

Living Bomb… I got it… remember to use it… lol yeah right…

Anyway, in lieu of any advice I can offer, which would probably be dodgy anyway, I will offer you a link.

I have seen this come up a few times on other blogs, so had a look myself, and the link below is directly to raid Fire Mage Raid specs… but you can change it to whatever you want.

basically what you are getting here is the popular choices… correct, maybe not, but if weight of numbers can be counted for anything, these are the best specs.

Gnomer and Out!

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