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I healed ToC

I finally reached 78 and the instance options opened above me.

  • Utgarde Pinnacle
  • Culling of Stratholme
  • Occulus
  • Halls of Lightning


  • CoT

I signed up for a few of them, ran a couple of them just fine, but I wasn’t going to sign up to heal CoT.

Can I heal Normal ToC after being 78 for 10 minutes?

I checked with my mates:

You think I can heal normal ToC?

No bloody way mate, it’s hard!

So I stayed away from ToC in the LFG interface.

Until.. (more…)

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  • Let’s celebrate Rhii’s second 80
  • Let’s celebrate Saresa’s psycho Tree healing site.
  • Let’s celebrate Almaster, because he’s there, he’s a Pally and he’s tagged me too
  • Let’s celebrate Mages across Azeroth that have put down their fireballs, arcane blasts and deepfreeze for a little healing love.

I have been tagged by Rhii, Saresa and Almaster, two of whom like me, are DPS gone to the light side. I had seen this meme floating around, but haven’t had the chance to peruse it in any of posts properly.

Rhii gives a breakdown on where it has all come from:

I decided to steal the most excellent Miss Medicina’s non-meme questionnaire. Which I also read about on Tamarind, Oriniwen, and Kyrilean’s blogs. Since I’ve been a healer for such a short time, nobody’s likely to tag me so I tag me! Besides, it’s not a meme, I don’t need to be tagged to play. YAY! So here goes.

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?

Gnomeaggedon, Gnome Frostfire Mage (more…)

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battle of the healers 02

There are two ends to a battleground, oh what’s that Gnomeaggedon…

There are four… Maybe more, but I only have 4 fingers to count on.

Ok, let me rephrase that, there are two ends to a battleground scoreboard.

Hands up if you have NEVER reviewed the scoreboard that the end of a Battleground (or even during the battle).

No, not many.  I thought as much… (more…)

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Two Extremes: Healing

When I play Gnomeaggedon, it’s on from the moment I enter an instance or raid.

Buffs, tables, scorch, Living bomb, Frostfire bolt, Flamestrike, Blizzard, Hotstreak, drink, loot, move, scorch….

I always assumed it was the same for the other roles, never a dull moment, but nothing that can’t be handled by doing things right.

I dare say it’s pretty much the same for tanks. Mark, pull, gather, pump cooldowns and specials, watch and stop the runners, take opportunities as they come up… “Rage” bar full… let’s pull!

The other Extreme

It’s not the same for healers, particularly Shaman healers, from my experiences (as limited as they may be) and my reading (more…)

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Healing makes me a meanie!

I totally stole the title of this post from a comment by Rhii… Thank you Rhii

She said some things in that post that made me realize that it’s the healers of a party that are really bad arse.

Taking a bullet… or not!

Gnomeaggedon, as a dress wearing wet paper bag of a squishy DPS, would take a bullet for anyone in the party.

  • Mob heading at the healer, here snack on me 1st.
  • Too many on the tank… Never fear, Gnomer is here to kite them at least 20 yards before chewing dirt.

Likewise you see Tanks charging left, intercepting right, taking the hits that would split a normal hero in half. The tanks job is to take the bullets as many bullets as possible.

Healers… (more…)

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We Want You! Healers in Battlegrounds

npc are you scared

Coming from the perspective of a 3 foot squishy Mage, Gnomeaggedon could never understand why anyone would want to heal in Battlegrounds.

insane squidly

They are scary places where often the cloth wearer is the 1st to die. If you have any interest in PvP you would have read or heard that the Healer should always be the priority #1 target (more…)

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I’m your party healer.

I’m the one at the back of the room that needs to be close enough to the front of the room to keep the tank alive (and the DPS on occasions)

I have needs that aren’t being met.

I need mana occasionally, although admittedly you are generally conscious of this.

What you aren’t conscious of is my need for 3 other things.

I need loot.

I see you riffling the corpses while I quickly mana up. I see the items you grab and I share in the silver (more…)

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Awesome AV is Awesome

I dare say you already know my opinion on the Alterac Valley battleground.  Just in case you don’t…


OK, sometimes I hate it, generally when we lose, but generally I love it, win or lose.

Last night, wife gone out partying, Odin tucked in bed, Daddy…

Daddy was having an orgy of AV healing ecstasy!

Alliance 3, Horde 1, or was that Horde 3, Alliance 0

  • Some say a fast game is a good game.
  • Others suggest a close game is a good game
  • Others of course think that the only game worth playing is a ROLFSTOMPYOUMFTOOLSINTOTHEGROUND game.

Last night my tally of Alterac Valley games went (more…)

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