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This is a challenge to all bloggers, podcasters and readers and listeners of blogs and podcasts.

There have been two exciting developments over the weekend.

Mana Obscura Mage Community Forums

Not one, but TWO new community forums have opened, both dear to my heart.

TotemSpot Shaman Forums



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I Pity the Gnome

Yeah, so love is in the air…

Ironically I have time this year to complete this achievement for the very reason that the only love that I have been breathing lately is the unconditional love of Odin.. well assuming he gets the icecream.. the ball.. the Spiderman action figure and 80% possession of my PC.

When I grabbed that screenshot I was feeling a little melancholy.. I mean really, unless you are a gaming couple, where can the love possibly be in a MMORPG (without the RPG of course… Although [ANAL} Pyroblast does kind of have a romantic ring to it).

Aint Gnome’a do it!

I promise myself I will not roll a Goblin when BurningWrathOfTheCataclysm comes out,.  Goblins are pretty low on my ladder… (more…)

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I have been a little tardy in spreading the word on this one, but I see that other Mage blogs have been doing their bit, and gave it a plug the other day, so I didn’t feel I was failing the Mage community.

However, on the off chance that you only read one Mage blog, and that’s this one, let me tell you about it… (more…)

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Subcreation back!

So just a little while back we hear Subcreation is gone.

Today while reading the post that I first head the news in Subcreation down, Alcaras pulled the plug I read a response from alcaras saying it’s back up again!

Mages rejoice!

Thank you alcaras!

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Well Alltop has already come through with a beauty for me.

I saw this topic from a couple in azeroth: Coolest. WoW Forum Post. Ever.

And I must say, that as a father of a little one, yes it is the coolest WoW Forum Post. Ever.

And it’s a Mage post to boot!

Here it is if you want to go straight there (it’s a long thread.. but the 1st post nails it):

Mage Guide to takng Down Beach Murlocs

Gnomer & Out!

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Do we need a PlusDPS?

Larisa asked the question at the beginning of the month, in response to the success of PlusHeals. At the time it was suggested that we already had Subcreation’s Intelligent Mage discussion.

Now with the demise of Subcreation, I think the question should be reviewed again.

Is Eliist Jerks enough for the vast magority of the Mage population, or is it a little too high end?

Do the various other Mage (and other DPS) forums (Unofficial World of Warcraft, Allakhazam, etc) cater well enough, or should there be another central forum for the Average Gnome Mage on the street?

Should someone create

Gnomer and Out!

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Forever a Noob

No, this isn’t actually a blog about the blog by the name “Forever a Noob“, however the title and content of this post is definitely inspired by the aforementioned blog’s title.

Get on with it Gnome, you are rambling…. actually delirious is probably a better word.

I was just thinking, while listening to the TwistedNether podcasts, about how I always assume that everyone knows so much more about the game than I do (OK, with the exception of the 9 million people that don’t read or intend to improve upon their abilities beyond the talent selection screen.. assuming they know it is even there).  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say I know it all… in fact, rather the opposite.

It occurs to me that the ones “holding”, or more importantly spreading the knowledge, are also the ones that are able to acknowledge that they have gaps in their knowledge, or… are Forever a noob. (more…)

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