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Twinking your level 19 Warlock: Part 4. Enchanting your Twink

<< Part 3. Twink “Epic” gear

Part 4 of the twinking guide deals with enchants. I am going to list out those that are available for your gear, and let you decide which you want/can afford or can source.

Before I go any further, have you checked out Gun Loving Dwarf Chick‘s blog entry: Leveling With Style. It’s all about enchanting white items to increase your early leveling survivability, with the added advantage that you can trade the items between characters – that’s right, they aren’t soulbound! (more…)

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I pity…

I pity…

I pity people that sell Heavy Netherweave Bandages at the Auction House.

A while back a friend asked me to make up some high level tailored items then DE them for him. He has excessive amounts of netherweave and wanted to make some money off it. I put him straight, immediately. It’s not worth the effort. Just make Heavy Netherweave bandages and sell the to a vendor – 6g, straight up, no screwing around, no AH deposits or feed – Easy! (more…)

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Enchant Weapon – Sunfire vs. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Major Spellpower

Man I am lucky. I got the Sunfire Enchant. I can’t wait to enchant my new dagger with +50 Spell damage!

But wait, what’s this? How much do the mats cost?!?! (more…)

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Power levelling Enchanting?
Read all the guides and ready to stand on the bridge @ Ironforge and spam “Free enchants ith mats”?

Well here are two (sort of one, but I will call it 2) random tips on a couple of spots in the powerlevelling chain. (more…)

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So season 4 is upon us… Yay!

This is great news for a raft of reasons:
1) If you are into Arena, then you can now work on your rating for the season 4 rewards.

2) If you are like me, and don’t do Arena (due to time, lack of team mates and gear), but you do enjoy the occasion Battleground, then there are a pile of new PvP/Arena rewards now available to purchase with Honor and Marks.  See WoWWiki’s rewards by Season.

3) If (also like me) you are an enchanter and/or enjoy the AH meta-game, hen your enchanting skills and supplies with pull a premium price. 
Q. Why?
A. See points 1 & 2.  New gear = new enchants = more enchant mats = profit.

My only regret… (more…)

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