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Happy Birthday Celeglin!

Who is Celeglin?

A reader, whose birthday is on the 23rd. He wanted an awesome post for his birthday, unfortunately this is the best he will get.

Happy 2nd Blogday Gnomeaggedon!

I wanted an awesome post for my 2nd blogday, unfortunately this is the best I am going to get.

Celeglin inspires me

Nevertheless, an email from Celeglin has inspired this post, so here we go…

Just wondering how you’re enjoying the Fire Festival. Would love to hear of any crazy hijinks haha

Fire, ahhh Fire!

As I said to Gaz the other day on Twitter…

Fire is not a Spec, it’s a way of life!


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Alright, final installment (2 weeks down the track) of Blogday gifts, where I asked for:

Gnome weekend that was

I bore you with my weekends adventures… Now it’s your turn!

Go on, tell me. No topic is too big, or two small. Your level 12 Alt is just as important to me as your T8 raid slayer.

I got 3 responses to this question and one which while not on this topic, it was really a Gnomeshots, was told in such a way that I had to include it here instead… it wasn’t just GnomeShots, it was much much more… the March of the Wonder Gnomes…

Thanks to Larisa, Prelimar, theerivs and Cathy for giving me their “Gnome” weekend that was (more…)

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The last installment in the Ask da Nome a Kwestion or 20 Bhlogdey Kwestions special involves some heavy duty questions from the heavy duty Gnome Fire Mage follower (and Fire Mage himself), Prelimar and the heavy duty Locktess with the Mostess, Syrana.

I will start of with Prelimar’s questions, then weave my way towards answering Syrana’s… assuming I have the energy… owwww, OK, I will find the energy….

Prelimar asks:

Q) I’m a recently-minted 80, and I need to start getting geared for endgame stuff. Where do you recommend I go, and what sort of pieces should I be looking for?

A) WoLK Gear for new level 80 Mages

There are a few schools of thought on gearing your freshly minted level 80 Mage. (more…)

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The final category, but not the final post of, my blogday gifts was:

Mages/Gnomes suck/are the best because…

30 words or less, why are we the best/worst?

Mmmm why would we be the worst… Oh well, I am sure there are some smart Hordies out there with an opinion.

The answers are all pretty definitive… only one that suggests Gnomes aren’t the best… but Rip can be forgiven, especially now I know he is a closet Fire Mage (more…)

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Today’s contributions to my Blogday are all presents describing the influence, or Gnomefluence I have had on my readers.  My original request was:


No not Effluence!

OK, that’s two easy ones out of the way, an increase in difficulty now.

How have I influenced your WoW (or hell, Real) life?

Nothing too personal thanks, and nothing too long.. 30-ish words or less, what has Gnomeaggedon done for you in the last 12 months?

Jong tells me that I have “single-handedly changed my perception about male gnomes”, in a good way I think…

What about you?

Larisa says:

You have given me countless giggles and helped me keep up my blogging spirit for a year.  And you’re also a natural spokesman for the gnomish mage community. You may be small in size but great in effort and effect (more…)

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I wanted to know who you are and see you in game.

Thus I asked for you to grab a screenshot along the lines of:

  • Shows you in game doing something you love.
  • Shows you in game giving me a shout out.
  • Shows you in game NEXT TO ME on Aman’Thul.
  • Shows you in game next to a Gnomeaggedon impersonator
  • You don’t have to be a Mage or a Gnome, but bonus points for Mage &/Gnome

The ” if you are looking for lurv from another one of me readers… Your phone number (not recommended, but hey, your life, your choice)” bit was ignored… so I assume that means you are happy.. or not wanting a ton of emails and phone calls from complete strangers whose only connection with you is seeing a screenshot here… can’t blameyou really.

I will leave the screenshots to do the talking… (more…)

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Rip asks:

Q) Given a choice between being a zombie in the next George Romero film, a soldier in the next Michael Bay film, or a pirate in the next Pirates movie, which would you pick and why?

And if you have no idea what that means, go with this (next) one instead:

A) OK, I admit it… I have no idea.  Need to spend some more time watching movies…

Q) Which would you rather see in a movie? Undead getting dispatched with great dispatch, buildings getting dispatched with great dispatch, or seagoing wooden structures getting dispatched with great dispatch? (more…)

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Blogday memory /fail

Just for the record my 1st Blogday is on the 26th 23rd 26th 23rd 26th ok, it really is the 23rd, or I should say, was because yesterday was the 23rd.

Now in my defense:

  • I thought I wrote 3 posts before I made the blog public, but no. /memoryfail
  • My wife will tell you I would forget my own name if it wasn’t tattooed on my forehead (in mirror so I get reminded every morning… Which I forgot to do). On the rare occasion I do remember something correctly and she doesn’t, we don’t go with my memory because there is less chance of me being right than the RNG giving a Artifact in a world drop. /memoryfail
  • I don’t even remember my own birthday.  Every birthday party is a surprise party, even when I organize it myself (assuming I remember to do that… which I don’t) /memoryfail
  • I checked my stats page and it said June 26. That of course was the number of visits I had in my 1st 7 days. /comprehensionfail

The Dilemma

So now I am faced with a dilemma.
Do I:

  • Stick with my original posting schedule, which sort of starts on Friday (but with no opening of gifts until Monday), or
  • Post the raw responses without any contribution of my own, or
  • Leak some starting from today?

The sensible option is 1). Screw you and take my time. Option 2) may work for some of the contributions, but definitely not all, and I am awaiting one late arrival. Option 3) is totally out of the question, except that, umm, I am only a squishy Mage, and a short one at that, and when you get pm’d by the most awesome fear inspiring Retadin in the whole of the World of Warcraft, well something has to give (apart from my bowels) (more…)

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